10 Easy Weight Loss Tips

weight loss Not an immediate thing, but your body will gradually go back to a normal in time.

Dieting never seems to work long-term, weight loss should be easy not torture. Start to bring in three of these habits in your day to day routine and see the pounds just drop right off you, you will see a thinner much more healthier you.


Smart Snacking

Snacking between meals used to be a big no-no for people trying to lose weight but many nutritionists agree that eating a healthy snack in-between meals is much healthier than a junk food binge later on. Some of the best healthy snack picks are things like stringed cheese, a table spoon of peanut butter on fruit or even some edamame.

TV Off

Eating whilst watching tv can lead to 40% more calories consumed than normal, even activities like texting, drivingĀ  or a distracting activity can lead to more food, it is best to sit down for your meal and not concentrate on finishing that first before doing something else.

Check The Scales

If you check your scales daily and you notice your weight going up several days in a week then this is a waring sign that you need to cut back a bit or step up your workout routine.

Stay fit and healthy and see a massive impact in your life.

Stay fit and healthy and see a massive impact in your life.

Three Times A Week Sculpting

Performing 5 mins of lunges, squats and push-ups in 30 second intervals will help maintain muscle mass and even build it, the mroe muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be, burning more calories throughout the day.


Get On The Phone

If you are stuck on a food one time then pick up the phone to call your friend to ask how there day is going, cravings only last about 5 mins so by the time you have finished chatting the craving will have subsided.

easy weight loss

Eggs are full of protein that your body needs, and will keep you satisfied well after breakfast is done.

Big, Hearty Breakfast

A morning meal with lots of protein and carbs but low on fat will keep your blood sugar levels balanced and your stomach contented so you are much less likely to pig out in between meals.

Steady On The Drinks

One innocent little drink with friends can contain hundreds of hidden calories but do not satisfy your hunger, stick to weekend drinks only, cutting back elsewhere, three drinks with no more than 100 calories per serving maximum.

easy weight loss

Eating fruit regularly is good for your digestion and waist line.

Regular Fruit

Fruit consists of mostly water and no fat, it can fill you up whilst taking up less plate space, carbs don’tĀ  matter with fruit as it is the good kind with plenty of fiber.

Sleep More

Sleeping 30 mins earlier and waking 30 mins later can make you make better food choices, when you have slept better you are more likely to crave junk food through stress or fatigue.

easy weight loss

Visualize the win.

Picture Your Goal As Thin


When you ever feel your willpower waning then just imagine back to a time when you were thin and sexy. The visual stimulation gives you motivation as you can see you have achieved it before and can do so again.

These are all easy weight loss tips you can follow, even if you only use a few of them they will all help you.

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