10 Little Tricks For Weight Loss

Six Pack Abs A lot of gymgoers want to get ripped but sadly make quite a few mistakes along the way which halts progress.

If you trying diets for weight loss and are sick of them then it is time to stop this nonsense and get some advice on proper tricks you can use to help your weight loss.

I’m sure many of you have spent countless hours researching the latest celebrity diet or workout, the reality is that shedding those unwanted pounds is hard whoever you are.

This selection of little tricks is not always easy to stick to but has worked for many people:

1) Stop Using The Food Scale

Good portion control is not about measuring out every little serving of food that you have, instead of ordering a main, have a couple of starters instead and if you are having pasta then cut back on the bread.

Weight loss tricks

Stash your fruit at work, always make sure you have it to hand so you don’t snack on chocolate etc.

2) Stash Your Fruit

Always keep an ample supply of fruit at work with you, this will help you when you are thinking about that important candy bar.

3) A Chocolate Shake

It is good to carry a shaker bottle with chocolate protein powder with you and whenever you get hungry, mix it up with some water and prevent the consumption of high-calorie food.

4) Set A Limit And Then Do What You Want!

When you goto an all you can eat buffet take a 4 x 4 Styrofoam box with you, fill it to the top with whatever you want, this way you can never overeat.

5) Floss For Dessert

If you brush your teeth after eating you are less likely to eat anything else before bed.

weight loss tricks

Before photos always let you know your progress.

6) Do A Before Photo

Before you start to get in shape, get a friend to take a photo of you in just your underwear and then if you are ever needing motivation or fall off the wagon, look to it for motivation and inspiration to what you want.

7) Cut Out Liquid Calories

Cut out all drinks that give you excess calories like fizzy drinks, juice, any sort of alcohol and milkshakes etc.

8) Pull Out The Skinny Jeans

Wearing something tight will give you that little bit of extra motivation to lose some weight and lay off the junk food.

9) They Say A Pitcher Paints A Thousand Words

Well fill a pitcher with water and slices of cucumber, it looks good and feels like a treat.

muscle building tips

Anything you don’t eat, save it in tupperware containers.

10) Set Aside Those Leftovers

Serve yourself what you will be eating and then store the rest away in Tupperware containers in the fridge.

Pretty soon you will see the pounds just melt away, these little tricks can be so easily implemented with a little bit of effort, see the results in your weight loss.

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