10 Of The Best Unique Arm Exercises

Getting bigger arms isn’t as hard as you might think, it just requires the right workout routine.

If a normal arm routine is no longer cutting it then it is time to do some more effective arm exercises to help you build those huge arms, here are 10 of the best unique arm exercises.

Everybody love big arms, but a lot of us don’t get the growth results we would like because of being stuck in the same routine week after week. Unfortunately the body adapts to any tired old routine so your gains can suffer as a result.

There isn’t a need to do anything fancy in order to build bigger biceps and triceps but it will work so much better for you if you add variation to your arm-training routine.

The 10 variations below are classic lifts to bring your arms to the next level, they are nothing new, but these variations belong in your routine if you desire bigger arms.


There is no right or wrong way to implement these variations into your program, if you train your arms on a separate day, do these exercises to failure. You don’t need loads of sets, three sets of each exercise is plenty.

If you prefer to train your arms as part of your upper body workout, pull out the biceps exercises and pair them with a back workout. Add triceps movement to your chest and shoulder day.

Remember to focus on quality over quantity. Keep your elbows pinned to your sides and concentrate on your arms which should be used to move the weight.

These 10 different arm exercises will see you get bigger arms in no time at all.

 Variant 1: Triceps Kick-Back With A Twist

To do this, simply turn your wrists when you reach the peak contraction of a triceps kickback so your palm face the ceiling.

Adding in this little bit of motion will help target the medial head of your triceps and give all kick-backs a strong muscular contraction, keep your elbows tight to your body and don’t swing or use momentum.

 Variant 2: Preacher Curl 21s

Take the normal preacher curl and break it down into three phases. To hit the lower end of the biceps, start at the bottom of the movement and raise the barbell halfway for 7 reps. Then perform 7 reps from the top to midway to burn your upper biceps. Now complete 7 full range of motion reps which is were the real pain starts to get a full set of 21s.

The 21-rep style will keep your muscles under tension longer, forcing extra blood into the muscles, alerting them to grow. The extra tension can also cause extra damage which is another important signal for growth and repair.

You will have seen kettlebells used many times before for this, squats, but using them for arm exercises is very effective as well.

Variant 3: Overhead Kettlebell Triceps Extension

Using a kettlebell occasionally is good because it hangs differently to a dumbbell, giving your triceps a new challenge.

Even changing the implement can have effects on your workout, especially if you have been doing  the same old thing, keep your elbows either side of your head and brace your core, controlling the movement up and down.

Variant 4: In And Out Bsrbell Curl

To start this workout, start with close-grip hands 4-6 inches apart, on a fixed barbell to focus on the outer head of your biceps. Fire out about 6-8 reps and when you are done switch to a wide grip. Your hands should now be wider than shoulder width. Perform 6-8 reps with wide grip to hit the inside head of your biceps.

By using different grips, you ensure complete bicep development. Many people just fire out and endless rep of curls, but changes like this will build big, strong biceps with no weaknesses.

Variant 5: Skullcrusher 21s

Using an EZ-curl bar, start the exercise by pushing the bar above your head laid on a bench. For the first 7 reps, start at the end of the exercise and extend your arms halfway up.

For the next 7 reps. start from the top and work to halfway down, now perform the exercise for a whole range of motion for 7 reps, concentrate on making your triceps do all the work.

Bicep curls are so old school but also so effective at the same time.

Variant 6: V-Dip

This exercise is a traditional bodyweight dip, but all the weight is shifted to one side as you extend your arms. Start centered on a dip platform with your legs below you and your torse straight up and down. Do not lean forward, bend your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

As you push up, extend so that all of your weight is on your right hand side. Lower back down and center yourself, now push to your leftm shifting back and forth.

Variant 7: Cross-Body Hammer Curl

Alternate your arms as you perform this hammer curl variation to really target and build each arm, doing the curls across your body will add width to your arms by activating the brachialls.

Don’t swing the weight or your shoulders will take over the movement.

Variant 8: Close-Grip Bench

This is basically to add mass to the triceps and is a very much underused exercise. Grip the barbell with both hands 6-8 inches apart. Start with the barbell over your chest and bring it down slowly.

Keep the elbows tight as you press up through the triceps muscle. As you press up, press your shoulders into the bench.

When building up any muscle group it is important to have the right workout to see decent results.

Variant 9: Underhand-Grip Triceps Pushdown

The underhand grip is a little bit more difficult than a normal press down, so adjust the weight accordingly. Keep your elbows tight into your sides and allow the bar to come up to about chest height at the top of each rep.

Squeeze out each rep at the bottom, focusing on a full contraction,this variation will target the medial head of your triceps.

Variant 10: Zottman Curl

Not many people do this movement which is a shame as you will hit the biceps on the way up and the forearms on the way back down, the Zottman curl is a complete bicep and forearm workout.

Grasp the dumbbells with a supinated grip and cut them up like you normally would. Pause at the top and rotate your wrists so that your palms face down, then lower the weight. Stop your ego, go for a lower weight and do proper form.

Soon you will love your new arms.

Going Green

The body requires nutrients when you are on an intense program such as this. When doing intense workouts, hydrogen ions collect in the muscles, causing blood Ph to drop, leaving you in an acidic state. This causes muscle fatigue and can slow the recovery process down.

This ia where a top quality greens product can really help. Many people miss the benefits of a green supplement, but taking one after training can neutralise the accumulation of hydrogen ions, getting your body back to a more alkaline state.

It is important to get protein after your workout, but metabolizing certain amino acids can lead to an acidic environment in the body.This makes a greens supplement even more beneficial taken after a workout.

So with the green supplements and 10 of the best unique arm workout exercises, you should see a huge increase in arm size in no time at all.

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