13 Comfort Foods That Burn Fat

If you were to think of comfort foods you start to picture things ladled in cheese, deep-fried or packed with sugar, comfort foods bring back good memories, make you feel good and ease your poor soul. however there a certain set of comfort foods that will do all that but actually burn fat and help you to lose weight.

Hot Chocolate

comfort foods that burn fat

Great for helping the body reduce it’s stress hormone cortisol

Cocoa powder has loads of anti-oxidants and helps to reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress-hormone that makes your body cling to stubborn belly fat, research has found that cocoa contains upto 5 times more anti-oxidants than black tea. Hot chocolate’s great combination of carbs and protein can help your muscles recover faster after a workout and adding a dash of cinnamon can boost health benefits further.

Collard Greens

comfort foods that burn fat

Tasty and packed full of vitamins and minerals.

One serving of this vegetable only contains 45 calories and contains more than enough of your daily required vitamins A and K. A cup of this veg contains 7.6g of fiber, eating plenty of fiber will lower your body’s absorption of calories from carbs.

Chicken Noodle Soup

comfort foods that burn fat

Fills you up so you ultimately consume less calories.

It is known that people who consume a broth or vegetable based soup before there main meal consume less calories overall, the water used in the soup fills you up. Just eating soup slows your eating down increasing feelings of satiety, a Penn State study found that people who ate soup before a meal were more satisfied and 20% fewer calories were consumed, the main advantage of chicken noodle soup is that it packs protein, vitamins and fiber to really kick your metabolism into gear.


comfort foods that burn fat

Great 20 mins before a workout, just stick to one a day maximum.


This has been known to boost your metabolism as well as your mood thanks to chlorogenic acid (CGA), this naturally helps your body use fat for energy.

Caffeine before exercise in small doses can improve muscle recovery workout can give you a massive boost, this great chemical can also lower the speed of glucose release into the blood after a meal as well as lowering insulin resistance helping to prevent weight gain.

Pot Roast

comfort foods that burn fat

Great protein content that helps fight fat.

When you consume protein it starts fighting fat, your body has to work much harder to digest protein than it does most other things so burns more calories in the process, because of this it keeps you fuller for longer, a recent studyin the Nutrition Metabolism found that people who increased there protein intake to 30% ate 450 fewer calories a day, and over 12 weeks lost 11 lbs.


lose weight to

Oatmeal will keep you going longer, resisting the temptation to snack will be much easier too.

One cup of oatmeal has 4 g of fiber and 6 g of protein, this in turn slows the digestion of carbs, lowers insulin response and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, out of 38 foods tested it was found to be the third most filling.

Roasted Carrots

comfort foods that burn fat

Packed full of good anti-oxidants and keep you fuller for longer.

The high water and fiber content in carrots fills you up and when roasted they give a greater calorie burn, carrots roasted at 104 degrees contain three times more anti-oxidants than raw carrots.

Red Wine

comfort foods that burn fat

If used in moderation, could be a great weapon against weight gain.

Red wine has been shown to be a great help in relation to matters of the heart, it can also help combat excess weight. Resveratrol found in grape skins, is a renowned anti-oxidant, restricting the production of fat cells.


Calcium Pyruvate also found in red wine helps burn off more energy from fat cells, it is best to stick to one glass a day though as it is 150 calories a glass and can soon pack on the pounds if overdone, not to mention negative health problems.


comfort foods that burn fat

Good for you and one cup contains a mere 45 calories.

Great for you and one cup contains 45 calories and 3 g of fiber, contains lots of beta-carotene, this fights oxidative stress and inflammation within the body.



comfort foods that burn fat

Great for protein, feeling full and torching fat.

Great for lots of muscle-building protein, feeling full and torching fat with the heat from the chili peppers/jalapeños.

Spices trigger your sympathetic nervous system, increasing daily calorie burn by 50 calories, that’s 5 pounds in a year.


comfort foods that burn fat

Will help boost your daily fiber and protein intake and control cravings.

A half-cup serving of these legumes can give you 40% of your daily protein needs and 70% of your daily fiber needs, help to stabilize blood sugars, control your cravings and prevent overeating. Also a fantastic source of healthy unsaturated fats that lower your bodyfat and waist line.

 Roasted Potatoes

comfort foods that burn fat

Full of nutrients and can help fight off body inflammation.

Not always seen as healthy but they are packed full of good nutrients, they contain the disease fighting ‘Allicin’, also found in garlic, this chemical has been known to help with  body inflammation.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

comfort foods that burn fat

Helps prevent the build up of blubber on your waist line.

Eating these can help prevent the build-up of fat on your waistline as they are rich in carotenoids, these are orange and yellow pigments found in plants that help the body respond to insulin as well as CGA, these two combined together help slow the body’s release of insulin and glucose.

These comfort foods mixed in with a healthy diet will help you burn fat faster than you ever believed possible.



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