13 Top Muscle Gain Tips For 2016


muscle building tips

Building muscle is not some magic in a book somewhere, it just requires some new techniques.

I have decided to produce some muscle gaining tips for you so you are no longer wondering why it is so difficult to put on muscle and gain mass. It isn’t just skinny guys that struggle with gaining weight, many men and women struggle all the type with varying body types. If you arm yourself with the correct information you will be bursting those seams in no time.

muscle building tips

Timing your nutrient intake is crucial to getting the right mass gain.

1) The Correct Nutrient Timing

Just eating a boat load of calories whilst sat around watching tv is not food for you, good workout nutrition however is paramount. Insulin sensitivity is at it’s max first thing in the morning and after a workout, It is hard to show you a one size fits all programme as everybody is different, when you eat can have a major impact on how well your body reacts to the food.


2) Train Your Weaknesses

You might hate doing squats or deadlifts but this is exactly the time to start training them and focusing hard on them as this can make a big difference to your physique. A good way to train to your best capacity is to start your workout with your weakest points and train to failure then work on your stronger muscles groups.

muscle building tips

Carbs are good for helping to bulk up and are required to get real size.

3) Eat Carbs

Quality mass requires quality food, a good portion of food should come in the form of good carbs, these can be eaten cheaply , things potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and pasta. Fruits are a great source of carbs as they have a high antioxidant countent and nutrient content, muscle need carbs to grow.

4) A Mass Gainer Supplement

A good approach to gaining solid mass is a mass gainer supplement, these generally contain around 500 calories per serving with protein, carbs and fat in it, you do have to select the right mass gainer for your body type, if you haven’t seen any good results from this before then perhaps you need to consider another supplement type that will work for you.


5) Lots Of Protein

You need good recovery in any mass gaining exercise, sadly this is often overlooked, if you do not get enough sleep at night then you are taking away the body’s natural recovery time to repair damaged tissue and muscle, getting the right amount of sleep means that you can hit the gym feeling stronger and much more energetic.

Many famous actors bulking for films are told to sleep 10 hours per night, a fatigued body will never be as strong as a well rested one so start incorporating sleep as part of your routine to see improved size and strength gains.

muscle building tips

Healthy fats should definitely be a part of the diet picture.

6) Be Sure To Keep Fats In The Picture

Many bodybuilders shun dietary fat when trying to bulk up as they are afraid of getting fat, you need fat to reach your necessary calorie intake to bulk up.

Saturated fat actually helps keep testosterone levels in a good place so quality muscle can be added, 15-20% of your fats should be saturated and the rest from unsaturated and omega varieties.

7) Enjoy The Process

Don’t focus on the end result, instead focus on what you can do now and the rest will sort itself out, you do not need to rush, muscle building is a long process and it is your long-term passion that will give you the end results.

Hugh Jackman Workout

If you are as intense as Wolverine then you are doing it right.

8) Train With Intensity

Did you really give your last workout everything you could?

Many people hit the gym in a half assed manner and fail to ever see any decent gains, a lot of time is spent texting and taking selfies than pumping iron, next time you are doing your workout really dial in and focus, aim to squeeze that last rep out and feel the muscle burn at the top of each exercise, extra focus can mean the difference between good results and poor ones.

9) Add Variety

Be sure to put variety into your routine, if you keep doing the same workout over and over your body will be prepared for the workout in advance and you won’t see any great results long term, keep your body guessing by adding small movement changes to your workouts.

Change your push-up hand positions or change a forward lunge to a backward one etc. these are the changes that will see big changes long-term.

comfort foods that burn fat

Having the same diet every day is actually bad for you and can cause new problems with regards to nutrition etc.

10) Don’t Eat The Same Food All The Time

If all you ever eat is chicken and rice you need to change your diet, eating the same every day runs the risk of diet boredom and even nutrient deficiency.

You may be hitting all your macro nutrient targets with regards to protein, carbs and fats etc. but you will not be getting all the micro nutrients you need, these help to build muscle, energize you, repair broken down tissue and keep your immune system strong.

11) Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keeping track of everything that you do in the gym pays off big time in the long term, if you don’t keep track of what you did in your workouts you won’t be able to spot any trends in the workouts, how well your body reacts to new stimulus or which workouts give the best results.

Keeping a workout log will keep track of your workout history, this is important when working out your best workout routines, strengths, weaknesses and of course future goals.

morning light weight loss

Keeping an eye on your weight should be a long term thing, not something you look at every day.

12) Don’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

You may be one of these people who spend a lot of time worrying what the scales say, your body weight  will vary throughout the day and day to day, so don’t panic if it has not been the result you expected.

Pay more attention to the long-term weight changes as these are what counts.

13) Never Stop Learning

This should also be a quest for knowledge as well as mass. take the time to research and learn about your goals, there is always something to learn so don’t stop reading about new workout techniques, nutritional diets etc.

These are some of the top muscle building tips I have researched and they seem to yield the greatest results.

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