15 Signs You Are Serious About Weight Lifting

For you, the gym is a way of life and no less will suffice.

You head to the gym several times per week, you talk about pr’s and rep maxes, you can even mention all the important advantages of creatine on a whim. Everyone can probably tell you are serious about weight lifting.

If you can check off more than five items in this list then weight lifting is integral to your way of life, the iron life is for you, there is no turning back when you get here.

1) You Speak With Great Pride In Your Callus Shaver

Ripped callus wounds can make 10 pound dumbbells painful to pick up and you want to avoid them at all costs if you are a serious lifter, the callus shaver is a serious staple for any lifter, seeing a fellow lifter chewing off their callus’s is something to be celebrated.

2) Chalk Is Your Favorite Condiment

Deadlift, squats, bench press and clean, everything is just that bit better with magic strength dust.

3) You Can Find The Best Lighting In Any Gym

It may take a couple of minutes but you will find that certain light and make the most of it with a well placed selfie.

Mixed with a great diet, supplements can give you a huge boost when it comes to intense workout sessions.

4) You Have A Shelf Of Supplements

As your lifts have gotten heavier and your goals bigger, your supplement collection has kept pace. Instead of just protein and some multivitamins, your collection has grown to include BCAA’s, creatine, caffeine, beta-alanine as well as other gain accessories, the bulk life is for you.

5) You Carry A Pill Container Like An 80-Year Old Woman

A pill container may look like you are very ill but you know deep down that multivitamins are no joke, neither are caffeine pills, fat burners, fish oils, probiotics and creatine capsules you keep near you at all times.

6) Your Calender Is Organised By Training Day

You know what day it is as your desk Calender states ‘international chest day’, knowing your split and training plan before you walk into a gym is a definite sign you know what you are doing.

7) You Live Your Life By The Anabolic Window

You strongly believe in the anabolic window so much that you keep one in your house.

Supplements are an important part of your life.

8) You Have More Accessories In Your Gym Bag Than Your Closet

You’ve been working for long enough to know that accessories can help with heavier lifts so you keep your knee wraps, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, straps, belt and weightlifting shoes right where you can get to them and if any polo necked trainer comes by telling you put your gym bag away you have your scary eye to hand.

9) You Have More Progress Photos Than Family Photos

Instead of kid’s school pictures, your stairway is lined with 8 years of solid proof of your gains.

10) You’d Prefer To Remove Your Shirt

Is there ever a bad situation for taking off your shirt? Nope didn’t think so.

11) You Never Skip Leg Day

As a lifter, you know the importance of balance and symmetry and also how vital it is for a strong, athletic body. Some people can’t handle post-leg day trauma but you should grit your teeth and go for it.

Leg day is just as important to you as chest day.

12) Pre-Workout Scoop Limits

There is a fine line between pumped and panicked, a numb face and racing heart will not help you concentrate on a powerful bench press so you go to great lengths to get the perfect amount of pre-workout to help destroy that lift.

13) Bringing Food With You Wherever You Go

Many people’s carry on bag may contain just enough clothing to see them through the weekend, your contains just enough food to get you through today.

14) You’ve Tried On Chains At Your Local Hardware Store

Nope, nobody is staring.

What goes in your blender is equally as important as your diet itself.

15) You And Your Blender Have A Special Bond

You and your blender have been through a lot together and you wouldn’t have it any other way, you know exactly how much liquid, protein, ice and banana make the perfect shake, what speed works best, how long to blend and what type of glass to use. You wash it, dry it and put it lovingly away.


If you are a serious weight lifter then some of these points will apply to you, of course some are just made as a joke like the anabolic window ;). For a proper program that will whip you into shape in no time, click here.


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