3 Ways To Get Ripped Fast With Rowing

When looking for ways to help us get ripped fast we often look to cardio for help but what are the choices? Treadmill, elliptical, bike, stepmill? All of them require legs but what if there was a better full-body option, well the rower certainly is and sadly does not receive much attention from people.

Many people neglect rowing but they really shouldn’t.

So why row? It helps improve cardiovascular conditioning and also works nine major muscle groups: the quads, hamstrings, glutes, triceps, shoulders, upper and lower back, biceps and lats, basically it doesn’t just drain your legs. The resistance that a flywheel creates gives a full-body push-pull effect that helps to improve muscular strength and endurance.

This is efficient and low-impact making it a fantastic option for pretty much anyone regardless of age or previous injuries. So get off the bike and put that run on hold to check out these workouts instead, each one mixes rowing intervals with classic bodyweight movements that will leave you stronger, leaner and definitely a lot sweatier.

1) Row, Burpee, Row

If you have a goal for fat loss then maxing the number of calories burnt is key and whilst the calories burned counter is not the whole story it is a great way to track progress and gauge intervals. An intense workout that leads to major energy output and burns calories not only during but also post-row is your best bet for fat loss.

A great body is an excellent by-product of fantastic workouts and diet.

It is great for tracking calories but don’t confuse the number on the monitor with the calories burned in your body, that number is just the start of the fun in this workout.

By interweaving rowing and bodyweight exercises like burpees, you will actually burn more calories while getting a wicked full-body workout, plus the added variety will help get rid of boredom. No watching the minutes slowly tick by when doing this workout.

Later, calories workout

  1. Rowing, stainonary – 2 calories.
  2. Burpee – 2 reps.
  3. Rowing, stationary – 4 calories.
  4. Burpee – 4 reps.
  5. Rowing, stationary – 6 calories.
  6. Burpee – 6 reps.
  7. Stationary rowing – 8 calories.
  8. Burpee – 8 reps.
  9. Stationary rowing – 10 calories.
  10. Burpee – 10 reps.
  11. Stationary rowing – 12 calories.
  12. Burpee – 12 calories.
  13. Stationary rowing – 14 calories.
  14. Burpee – 14 reps.
  15. Stationary rowing – 16 calories.
  16. Burpee – 16 reps.
  17. Stationary rowing – 18 calories.
  18. Burpee – 18 reps.
  19. Stationary rowing – 20 calories.
  20. Burpee – 20 reps.

2) Rowing Distance Ladder

Rowing has so many great advantages such as low-impact and multiple muscles exercised.

If you can row 1,000 meters in under 4 minutes then you are definitely a rowing rock star but just going for that number every time is not necessarily the best way to get there, try this pyramid-style workout instead which is designed to boost your overall rowing distance while breaking it up with bodyweight movements.

Feel free to substitute other bodyweight exercises for the squats, lunges and push-ups but make sure you’re still hitting both your upper and lower body with compound movements.

1,600 meters, 70 reps workout

  1. Stationary rowing – 100 meters.
  2. Squat – 10 reps, reverse lunge – 10 reps and push-up – 10 reps.
  3. Stationary rowing – 200 meters.
  4. Squat – 10 reps, Reverse lunge – 10 reps and Push-up – 10 reps.
  5. Stationary rowing – 300 meters.
  6. Squat, reverse lunge and push-up – 10 reps each.
  7. Stationary rowing – 400 meters.
  8. Squat, reverse lunge and push-up – 10 reps each.
  9. Stationary rowing – 300 meters.
  10. Squat, reverse lunge and push-up – 10 reps each.
  11. Stationary rowing – 200 meters.
  12. Squat, reverse lunge and push-up – 10 reps each.
  13. Stationary rowing – 100 meters.
  14. Squat, reverse lunge and push-up – 10 reps each.

3) 10-Minute Full-Body Rowing Intervals

The first couple of workouts were focused on calories and distance but this is all about time, one grueling minute at a time.

Rest is also very important when training hard.

Rowing is the perfect workout for an interval-training routine, don’t just be satisfied with surviving each minute, A great test for rowing is to see if you can row 300 meters in 60 seconds, you might not do it on your first try but keep working towards it.

Each time you do this workout, note the amount you row in your best minute which is most likely your first one then set the goal of beating it. The workout may only last 10 minutes but it will be a very intense 10 minutes that will over time help you to improve your 60-second interval performance.

10-Minute Rowing-Interval Workout

Begin with a brief 5-minute warm-up and finish with a 5-minute cool-down and some stretching.

  1. Stationary rowing – 60 seconds, track your distance.
  2. Plank Jack – 60 seconds.
  3. Stationary rowing – 60 seconds.
  4. Mountain climbers – 60 seconds.
  5. Stationary rowing – 60 seconds.
  6. Bodyweight squat – 60 seconds.
  7. Stationary rowing – 60 seconds.
  8. Walking Lunge – 60 seconds.

Overall, these rowing workouts will help you to get ripped fast, now you know how it can be done without any overly complicated workouts. Check this out for the ultimate way to get ripped fast to aid this workout.

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