40 Facts You Didn’t Know About Fitness

The human body is very complex.

Thought I would start this week with 40 facts you didn’t know about fitness that may help you in your goals to succeed with regards to fitness and working out.

40 Facts About Fitness

  1. You would have to drink 250ml of milk everyday for 3 to 4 months to drink the equivalent of how much blood your heart pumps through in only an hour.
  2. A person’s tongue prints are as unique as there fingerprints.
  3. Swimming underwater is the only time you should ever hold your breath when exercising.
  4. Your body has about 60k miles of blood vessels that not only send oxygen to the various organs and tissues of the body, they also dispose of waste products and act as stringent regulators to the body’s environment.
  5. Muscles burn calories 3 times more efficiently than fat.
  6. Your body has more than 650 muscles.
    Knowing how your body works can have a massive impact on your workout success and results.

    Knowing how your body works can have a massive impact on your workout success and results.

  7. Your tongue is the only muscle in your body attached at only one end.
  8. If your veins did not have valves, then when you stood up all the blood in your body would pool at your feet and in your toes.
  9. 71% of all men reckon they should exercise more often.
  10. The pink you see under your fingernails is the blood in your capillaries.
  11. Your heart always takes a break between each beat, this amounts to an amazing 20 years of standing still for an average person!
  12. Moving forward is actually the process of losing your balance and regaining it again.
  13. Your heart weighs about as much as a softball and is the size of your fist.
  14. Your brain is pinkish-Grey in color, about the size of a cauliflower ans weighs about 3 pounds.
  15. You should always drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when working out.
  16. The three bones that make up your middle ear are so small you could fit them on your thumbnail.
  17. An average person breathes about 1.5l of air every minute.
  18. Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body and for an average person beats around 100,000 times a day.
  19. If everyone of your bodies 600 muscles pulled together in the same direction you could lift 25 tons.
  20. The human nervous system can send messages to the brain at 200 MPH.
  21. The human brain receives around 100 million messages every second from your nerve senses.
  22. A pound of bodyfat will take around 3,500 calories to burn it off.
    Stay fit and healthy and see a massive impact in your life.

    Stay fit and healthy and see a massive impact in your life.

  23. In one day, around 4,000 children and teenagers will take up smoking.
  24. In an average lifetime, the resting human heart will have pumped enough blood round the body to fill 13 supertankers.
  25. Around a half of the human body weight is made up of one of three types of muscle tissue.
  26. If you carry a pair of hand weights as you walk this will help tone up muscles and burn some extra calories.
  27. We need light in order to see, many animals that have evolved to live in caves, caverns or the deep sea have no eyes or completely blind!, relying solely on there senses.
  28. Around half of young people aged between 12 and 21 are not vigorously active on a regular basis.
  29. If the 300 million little air sacs in your lungs (also known as alveoli) could be laid out flat they would cover a home swimming pool.
  30. Every LB of muscle that you gain will make your body burn an extra 50 calor200x200-CFL-279ies a day.
  31. Every muscle fiber in your body can support 1000 times it’s own weight and is thinner than a human hair.
  32. There is enough blood pressure in your arteries to lift a column of blood 5 feet high!
  33. Even being 25 lbs overweight means that your body will have 5k extra miles of blood vessels to pump blood through.
  34. With muscles, they move by contracting and there motion in turn causes you to move, if you compare muscles to machines, they are very efficient using only 35-50% of it’s potential energy.
  35. An average person will walk 70k miles in there lifetime.
  36. A staggering 69% of men consider themselves physically fit.
  37. The sad facts these days are that 30.3% of children aged 6 to 11 years old are classed as overweight and 15.3%are obese.
  38. 13% of men actually are physically fit.
  39. An average person from the west will consume around 50 tonnes of food and 50k liters (11k gallons) in there lifetime.
  40. In half an hour the human body produces enough heat to boil a half gallon of water.

I hope the above 40 facts about fitness have surprised you, maybe inspired you, but hopefully opened your eyes into some of the amazing facts about the human body and what it is capable of.

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