5 Great Facts For Losing Fat

Losing Fat

I took a look at a recent study published in a strength and conditioning journal that explored methods fighters used for losing fat to make the correct weight. Although much of the information has been unexplored up until now, some useful info stood out.

Fact 1

If you are looking to lose bodyfat to help in making weight, it is good to consume carbs within four hours of exercise to minimize liquid oxidation and usage. This is compounded further if the carbs are rated highly on the glycemic scale as insulin attenuates lipolysis and it appears that it limits fat oxidation.

In Conclusion: If looking to drop body fat quickly, do not eat quick acting carbs so close to training.

Fact 2

There is a little bit of evidence to suggest that fat oxidation is improved when there is limited carbohydrate availability, it should also be noted that this condition also raises the amino acid oxidation levels, this means that if you are relying upon fasted training to boost fat loss you are more than likely going to experience muscle wastage as well, if you are pushing for a certain weight it is unlikely you will want to lose force as well.

In Conclusion: Be sure to use low-intensity workout when cutting fat, otherwise you run the risk of muscle wastage as well. Intensities above 65% vo2max carbohydrate utilization then dominates whilst fat oxidation goes down. Bodybuilders have been doing this for years, walking and other low intensity workouts are great for losing excess body fat and keeping all muscle mass.

losing fat

Great fighters use these fat loss techniques to help them to get to the right weight.

Fact 3

As well as the above, as moderate intensity exercise becomes longer in duration, fatty acid oxidation rates seem to increase also. but carbohydrate usage drops.

Current research shows that lipid activation increases during training if not fully supported by carb intake like it was originally thought, protein can also break down in these situations so it is best to increase or supplement protein intake.

In Conclusion: To stop muscle wastage you can supplement with BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids, a long-lasting protein blend or casein during training.


Fact 4

Splitting training sessions up can increase fat burning even further, fat storage increases as the day goes on, it is possible however to continue fat utilization and minimize storage by getting the body to work later in the day when fat storage is at it’s highest.

In Conclusion; Minimize fat storage by splitting workouts into morning and night sessions.

losing fat

Great tips to help you get ripped in no time, there is a reason fighters use these methods.

Fact 5

The old tradition of an early morning, fasted, moderate intensity cardio workout positively influences fat usage.

Given the chance of a possible lack of pre-workout carbohydrate meal, the low blood sugar availability for the session is more likely to enhance the adaptation of skeletal muscle and insulin sensitivity whilst maximizing fat oxidation.

In Conclusion: Keep the Morning sessions easy and the save the harder stuff for later when you have topped up.

hugh jackman wolverine workout

The Conclusion To All This

So it seems the key for dropping fat is early morning, moderate intensity cardio workout.

By limitingĀ  carbohydrate activity you force your body to use more fat stores and encourage more efficient fat burning, if you are concerned about muscle wastage then supplement BCAA’S into your water bottle for during the workout.

I’m sure these facts on losing fat used by many fighters now can be used be very effective for you if used correctly. Please feel free to comment below.

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