5 High Sugar Foods That May Surprise You

As you know, we all really need to cut down on our sugar intake, this can unfortunately there are some foods out there with a large amount of sugar added to them that will surprise you.

Many products market themselves as ‘fat-free’, whilst this is true, it does not necessarily mean sugar-free, especially when it comes to yogurt, extra sugar is usually added to keep the flavor and texture when the fat is removed. A 150g (5oz.) serving of some 0% fat yogurts can contain upto 20g (0.7oz.) of sugar, the same as five teaspoons!, that’s going towards half of a person’s recommended daily intake of sugar (50g/1.7 oz. for women or 70g/2.5oz. for men).

The main problem is many people do want low-fat foods, but they want them to look and taste like the full fat alternatives, to achieve this, something else like sugar must be added, people do need to accept that food that has had fat removed will not taste quite the same.

Tomato-based pasta sauces do boast some health benefits, a shop purchased item can also contain sugar. Often added to make the sauce taste less acidic, A 1/3 of an average sized jar (150g/5oz.) can contain over 13g/0.5 oz. of sugar, that’s about 3 teaspoons of sugar!.

Whilst coleslaw is mostly shredded vegetables, it also contains a lot of added sugar, the mayonnaise added is mostly to blame here, one tablespoon (50g/1.7oz.) of store purchased coleslaw can contain as much as 4g/0.14oz. of sugar, a couple of spoonfuls of this with your meal can equal two teaspoons of sugar.

Sauces are often high in sugar.

5 high fat foods

Drinking plenty of water can really flush out your system and tone you up, but certain bottled waters can sneak sugar into them.

Everyone knows that water is good for you right? Well it depends on what kind of water were talking about here, ‘enhanced water’  has vitamins in it granted, but it also has sugar too sadly,a 500ml (18 fl oz.) bottle of some major brands can contain upto 15g (0.5 oz.) of sugar. That’s neally four teaspoons of sugar!.

There is also the staple of most people’s daily diets, bread. The average sugar content in just one slice of bread does vary but can be as high as 3g (0.1 oz.), some of the sugar is produced naturally during the process of making but a lot of it is added.

If like me these few foods have surprised you, make a change today and cut down or even get rid of these high sugar foods altogether and start feeling the difference.


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