6 Extreme Weight Loss Methods

How To Eat Clean Several small meals offers little to no advantage when compared with larger meals less regularly.

We live in a world which is getting faster and faster, the quest to lose weight and get buff can take people on an extreme diet or weight loss method, here are 6 of the most extreme you will come across that will make your average Atkins diet look like child’s play.

It is important to have a balanced lifestyle of exercise and nutrition, there are many of these extreme diets out there that are packed full of crazy ideas, but here we pick out some of the best tips from the worst diets.

1. The Lemonade Diet

I’m sure you have heard of someone who has tried this diet, it has been popular with celebrities and Youtube diet channels. Pretty easy really, no solid foods or supplements, just a magic potion.

Recipe: 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, 2 tbsp of grade-B organic maple syrup, 1/10 of tsp of cayenne pepper and 10oz of filtered water.

This diet goes from 4 – 14 days and afterward you slowly ease yourself back into food.

The main problem found with this diet is that cleanses are not proven to do anything at all, research has shown that the body is perfectly capable of disposing of waste itself successfully without the need for cleanses and that cleanses can actually harm your hormone and chemical balances.

Furthermore, detox diets just aren’t needed and weight loss can be achieved without them, any weight lost will nearly always come back.

The idea behind detoxing is to rid the body of harmful chemicals and toxins, but if you are concerned with these in anyway then try eating organic food only.

2. Feeding Tube Diet

This does exactly what it says on the tin, through a tube instead of any chewing or swallowing, the tube is connected to a bag of fluid that goes through the nose, down your throat and into your stomach, the fluid bag contains 500-800 calories, the amount you need to lose weight.

The fluid in the bag is high in fats and protein but low in carbs, effectively sending your brain into ketosis, it has been touted that you can lose upto 20 pounds in 10 days with this diet.

The problem with this is that it is not a long term fix but a quick-fix crash diet. There are also a few nasty side affects with having that tube shoved down your throat, halitosis, nasal drips, coughs and infections.

A more traditional ketogenic diet is much more useful, eating a low-carb, high-fat and high-protein diet instead which replaces glucose as an energy source with ketone bodies, this type of diet combined with regular exercise are a much smarter strategy than shoving a horrible plastic tube down your throat, especially long term.

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Although you will see a dramatic weight loss with these ‘diets’ you will soon put it back on again.

3. Baby Food Diet

This calls for around 14 jars of yummy , mushy baby food everyday to be consumed, yummy. The theory behind this is that the portion-controlled jars of baby food will keep your appetite under control.

14 jars of baby food equals about 1000 calories, that kind of deficit is hard to ignore and you will most likely lose weight from it.

Adults require a completely different diet than babies, baby food is low in fat and sugar, but also lacks fiber, calcium and vitamin D.

Mashed-up food can also wreck havoc on your digestive system, if you practice good portion control then there is no need to be concerned with a crazy diet.

Babyfood has been used by bodybuilders for years pre-contest and in healthy cooking techniques as it is high in nutrients without all the added junk other food has.

There is no need to go on the baby-food only diet, just swap high-sugar snacks for a jar of babyfood.

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4. 5-Bite Diet

The diet goes something like this:

  • Don’t eat a breakfast.
  • Take five bites out of your lunch.
  • Take five bites at dinner.
  • Take a multi-vitamin.
  • Don’t drink any calories.
  • Be sure to get protein.

The point of this diet like any other is to limit calorie intake, You can eat whatever you want, but you are limited to only five bites.

This is not a long-term fix, but could help you if you have trouble with portion control.

Once you have reached your target you can go back to eating like normal, this is the same as yo-yo dieting and very bad, you also need to take a vitamin supplement for the lack of nutrition, they are for temporary gaps in your diet, not to fill a long term hole.

The best thing about this diet is obviously portion control, many people’s weight problems can be attributed to portion sizes, this diet does take portion control to new, silly heights but there is something you can definitely take away from it, make smarter decisions about how much you eat, you do not need 4 quarter pounders on your plate.

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The pounds will come off with these diets but they are very unhealthy.


You have to eat in order to put on weight, some people find it very difficult to gain weight, even eating enough can be hard work.

This is the plan designed to work at it’s best, on this plan you drink a gallon of milk everyday, good for 2,400 calories, 200g of carbs, 120g of fat and 120g of protein, this is on top of all the meals you eat, so expect to gain the weight you want within 1 – 2 months.

Even if you are on a harsh training regime you will still gain a lot of fat for the weight you gain, that’s 2-3% fat mass per month, you will also be constantly full.

The problems are not only fat gained, it is very hard to drink a gallon of anything in a day, also if you have lactose intolerance or any form of IBS then you will be in much discomfort.

Many people have had obvious success with this diet, it’s difficult not to with so many calories being used, it’s also inexpensive for how much protein, carbs,vitamins and minerals you get. A study has also shown a big intake of calcium, protein etc. can increase protein synthesis which is great for muscle building.

6. Thin Air Diet

Started by the French, the idea is to pretend to eat, inspired by a Dolce & Gabanna ad where Madonna was holding food to her mouth and not actually eating.

Enjoy the smell of that lovely burger and the feel of it in your hands because you can’t eat it, but you are allowed water and a salt-water soup concoction.

Another quick-fix crash diet to shed pounds quickly, no exercise to be done on this diet, just water and salt, very bad news.

It is hard to pinpoint any good things from this, one thing though is that eating slower has benefits on your body.

These are very extreme weight loss methods but there are one or two good points to each one that we can all use for positive effects going forwards, Please feel free to comment below.

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