7 Essential Fitness Training Tips For Extreme Results

It is time to push past that plateau that has been holding you back for so long with these top fitness tips

As you get further into your lifting it is pretty tempting to start thinking about taking on more weight, volume, exercises, advanced training techniques to ensure a consistent progress. This does work pretty well at first for a while but in the long run can lead to burnout, injury or stagnation.

Sometimes fitness training tips seem the right way forward so you can throw more at your fitness goals, it can help to take a step back and return to the basics. Instead of adding in loads of new exercises and multiple ultrasets in every workout, remind yourself of these time-tested fitness tips, they could be just what you need to make some serious extreme progress.

1) Mastering Form First

Form is of utmost importance before anything else, once correct form in an exercise has been mastered you can begin to add weight to the bar each week, progressively overloading the muscle.

Many folk in the gym start by adding excessive weight to the bar before mastering correct technique but this is not how to be extreme, it will just get you injured. To really go extreme, you have to forget your ego and make every movement precisely, only after mastering an exercise can you start to move the weight up, add training techniques like dropsets into the mix to keep progress going long-term.

Whilst reducing the weight to work on your form may seem a bit like a step backwards it is actually the opposite. Once you nail form, especially on technical lifts like squats, bench press and deadlifts, you will be able to add weight every week, targetĀ  certain muscle groups and see the results you are looking for.

If you have problems stumbling through certain exercises, spend time studying and drilling your trouble spots. Getting better at lifting now will help you to become a better, stronger lifter down the road.

Getting form right first is key to going heavier and gaining muscle in the process.

2) Partnering Up

People often think of growth as a solo effort, training alone may leave some gains on the table. A good training partner can help push you that extra mile when you are thinking of quitting, spot you on very heavy lifts and make sure you give it your all on every lift.

Accountability and competition are powerful motivators, knowing a partner is meeting you at the gym means you are less likely to skip a workout, knowing your training partner is stronger than you will mean you are more likely to push harder to keep up, you may even want to power past your partners numbers, causing you to push out more weight than ever before.

3) Supp Smart

Supplements are essential for extreme growth, especially when timed optimally around workouts. Supplementation alongside a balanced diet and hard resistance training can really help progression in muscle gains when used before, during or after a workout.

It is quite good to sip on amino acids during a workout to help reduce muscle protein breakdown followed by a whey or casein protein to help kick start muscle recovery and growth.

Simple but smart supplements taken before, during or after a workout help get the body prepared to work hard every time it steps foot inside a gym and also ensure that the body continues to recover and grow after each session.

Not doing the same exercises week in week out will mean your body is kept guessing and you will see even more growth.

4) Vary Your Training

A good long-term goal is hitting your muscles with new stimuli, your body needs to adapt to new forces, you can’t always rely on the same movements and techniques to work forever.

It is very good to frequently change-up your workouts to see what your body can handle. This will mean constant progress and is a great way to stop you from getting bored, not being mentally stimulated means you won’t be able to push yourself to the max.

Vary your exercises, tempo and range of motion, there is no need to do a complete workout overhaul every time you goto the gym but it is helpful to make mild adjustments to fundamental exercises. If you have been doing a regular old flat bench press then try changing it up with slow negatives with a wide grip or partial reps at the top of a range of motion.

5) Practice Patience

Getting extreme results takes patience, especially building size. If you are wanting to build size you have to learn that it won’t happen overnight, be sure that there is a 500+ calorie surplus each day and your weight will increase given adequate training and time.

Consistency is also key here, use the 80:20 rule, make it a habit to eat clean 80% of the time and cheat in moderation the other 20%, this is the level of dedication needed to see extreme change and remember that this extreme change won’t happen in just a matter of days or even a few weeks.

Getting your mindset right means you can get some seriously good results quickly.

6) Getting Your Mindset In Gear

Your body will do what your mind tells it, many trainees head to their workouts without focusing on the task at hand, this is a bad way to go. Mind should come before muscle. Your mind is the most important thing when it comes to getting results in the gym.

Learning how to master your mind is an essential part of transforming your body, your brain gives up before your body will so it is important to take control of it. Never let your mind-set limitations, just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Think about how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. A change in focus can help you reframe your goals so it won’t seem like such an uphill struggle.

You can also throw some cardio into the mix to help you progress a bit further.

7) HiiT Cardio Hard

Many people forget that hard work is a key requirement for extreme results. Instead of working hard to burn fat, many lifters go at a low intensity on the treadmill but it is better to take cardio to the extreme.

When aiming for fat-loss, turn to Tabata intervals to really burn blubber. High-intensity interval training is extremely effective for fat loss. try working hard using Tabata training for 4 minutes on a rower or bike.

Simply work at maximum effort for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat 7 more times, in other words perform 8 30-seconds bouts of work/rest for a full four-minute workout, you will soon see the fat melt away.

Hill sprints are also good for incorporating into your training too and are a great way to get out and make the most of your surroundings, especially in the summer. Find a hill with a small incline and sprint for 30-50 metres, then slowly walk back for recovery. Do this 10 times in a morning for an extra fat-burning burst.

These are about the best fitness training tips you can do for really amazing long-term fat loss and results.

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