8 Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning

Before you start reaching for that alarm clock to snooze, look at all the advantages you could have below.

Not a morning person? that is too bad as below there are 8 benefits that come from working out in the morning.

A study has previously been published which states that your testosterone levels were higher in the morning, meaning the morning seems like the best time to work out.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as this due to a thing called life, working out usually corresponds to how we use time available for most of us, this would explain why gyms are always busiest after work hours.

Here are eight great reasons to wake up earlier and hit the gym early rather than saving it for later on in the day, save the ‘i’m not a morning person’ judgement until after analysing the facts.

1) Easier To Follow High-Volume Training Systems

Attempting a triset or giant set is next to impossible in a busy gym, a guy nearby wants to work in and a girl over there wants those dumbbells, other look at you with evils for hogging the equipment, it makes sense if the gym is busy.

However you are ready to rise and grind before everybody else, it is easiest to complete these types of training programs when the gym is least crowded, this is in the morning.

In men testosterone is highest in the mornings so it is the best time to take full advantage of a workout.

2) Your Hormones Are Working To Your Advantage

Crucial hormones like testosterone are most active first thing in the morning, these help to build muscle mass. Exercising in the morning takes advantage of these hormones at their peak rather than when they are lower later in the day.

3) Leaves Time For Other Priorities

I love going to the gym myself but it is not a no.1 priority. Nothing is more important than family, there is a clear trade-off between the time spent in the gym and at home. This is why cutting it in the morning is more beneficial than in the morning. This is also better than in the evening having to fight with rush hour, crowded gyms, have a shower and allocate whatever is left for your family. It works out better to do it in the morning.

Getting your workout done in he morning means you have time for all the other activities in your life later in the day.

4) More Focus For Office Or School

A spell of exercise increases your focus on the next activity, a job or school usually follows a morning gym workout for most people, hence the advantage of working out in the morning, you are more alert for the later hours.

if early morning energy is hard to come by then a cup of coffee or a pre workout drink can help boost energy, strength, focus and endurance not just in the gym but for many hours afterwards.

 5) Less Prone To Skipping Workouts

You may need a cup of coffee first thing in the morning but there are few distractions on your way to the gym. Later in the day however, quite a number of distractions can sabotage your workout, things like less motivation, fatigue, drinks with friends, a sick child or some overdue work.

If you have done your workout, you can easily deal with any obstacles that come your way later on without bothering about missing another day, workouts are more likely to be consistent if done early in the day rather than later.

Your metabolic rate will increase a bit for the rest of the day after your workout.

6) Your Metabolic Rate Will Receive A Quick Boost

Exercise is the one thing that can definitely boost your metabolic rate. The amount depends on your current fitness level and what kind of activity you do. Working out in the morning will help boost your metabolism, allowing more calories to be burnt later in the day. This is called EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

To get the best post-workout metabolic kick, do cardio activities like high-intensity interval training or bodybuilding type resistance training with multijoint exercises. Adding a thermogenic product will give your morning workout greater metabolic and fat-burning power.

7) Not As Many Distractions

You probably train with a few friends which makes socializing easy, there is nothing wrong with that but it is all too easy to turn a hard workout into one where you barely even break a sweat. if you want serious results then you will want to spend your time in the gym with minimal distractions.

People who get up early for their workouts are usually a lot more serious about their workouts, the chances of distractions are much less in the mornings.

A good morning workout has the potential to make you feel great for the rest of the day.

8) Your Mood Will Improve

You have probably heard of some workouts releasing endorphins, feel-good hormones that increase following intense exercise with good duration. Hours of cardio are not needed to feel good about yourself, for starters you have just completed your workout for the day.

A good workout under your belt is a good feeling, especially if your prone to sacking them off at night, this is why there is no better way to get your day started. Your mood can be boosted as well as your sense of accomplishment, just by getting up a little bit earlier.

Rise And Grind

If you are not used to early morning workouts  you may find that your anaerobic exercise (bodybuilding-type exercise) may suffer a bit when compared to late-afternoon workouts. Even so, if you make morning workouts a regular thing you will make larger improvements if a.m. workouts are consistent.

Getting up early in the morning can be tough at first, especially trying to get through a good workout, soon enough however you will see your performance skyrocket.

Working out in the morning really is the future for bigger overall gains if you are prepared to put the time in.

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