8 Unusual Ab Exercises

Getting great abs can be for you as well with the right diet and exercise

Many people who want a stronger core and a great looking midsection usually hit the floor and perform endless crunches and situps believing this will spot-reduce belly fat. Unfortunately you cannot choose where you lose body fat, especially in the abdominal area, you can strengthen your abs and make them look more pronounced with special ab exercises.

To do this effectively, skip the crunches and sit ups and follow these 8 unusual ab exercises to beat the tedium of standard crunches and sit ups and watch your stomach transform.

1) Ab Rollout

The ab rollout does a great job of strengthening the core but also really tests shoulder stability and triceps strength, you can use a barbell with plates, an ab wheel or even a flat dolly with wheels for this exercise. So long as you can reach forward as far as you can go and engage the core to tuck back in.

A great way to do this exercise is to alter the way it is done with a difference.

2) Russian Medicine Ball Twist

This is a specialized ab movement that hits all angles of the core, obliques, upper abs and lower abs. Seat yourself on the ground, engage your core and raise your legs to begin, your abs should already be working. Now hold a medicine ball close to your chest, twist to one side in a controlled motion, mainly turning your shoulders and then return to the start, repeat to the other side. To add some challenge to it, toss the ball to a partner and do a crunch, that is one rep.

3) Reverse Rowing Machine Tuck

To perform this exercise, put your hands on the ground in front of the machine and place both feet on the seat of the rower. As the seat moves it makes it idea for the reverse rowing machine tuck.

Use your arms and shoulders for stabilization and use your feet to drag the seat to your abs and push back out to fully extend your legs.

4) Pallof Press

The Pallof press is one of the most effective and underrated core exercises out there. You can make great use of the core’s ability to stabilise against a  load due to the isometric contraction, muscle length does not change unlike a crunch.

The Pallof press is best performed on cable machine with a pulley set to chest height. Pick a challenging weight to pull your chest and shoulders back towards the machine. Twist out and fight this by keeping your shoulders square and forward, using your arms and obliques to stabilize.

Not every ordainary ab workout is good enough.

5) GHD Sit-Up

Not every gym has a machine to perform the GHD sit-up. but if one is available, the glute-ham developer (GHD) lets you secure your feet and lean all the way back to really boost the challenge of the sit-up. The increased range of motion and time under tension will increase the results you get from every rep.

6) Leg Raise Around The World

A variant of the straight forward leg raise, the leg raise around the world will hit each of your core muscles as well as testing arm and grip strength.

Whilst hanging from a bar, keep your legs streight and extended and move them full circle in one direction and then back again, it is not supposed to be easy.

7) Medicine Ball Ab-Smash

This is almost as masochistic as it sounds, this isn’t for the faint of heart. Lie on the floor and brace your abs to prepare them, now have a partner repeatedly bounce a medicine ball off your mid-section.

This trains you to keep your abs braced for long periods of time which is essential when lifting heavy loads or doing any demanding movements, it is best to drop the ball a couple of inches and beginning with the lightest medicine ball you can.

The hanging leg raise really targets your lower abs.

8) Reverse Cable Crunch

The first part to a reverse cable crunch is to get some available space. Find a cable machine and lie down flat on your back. Hook your feet into two cable handles on one end. On the other grab something for leverage and start tucking your knees towards you, gradually raising your glutes to turn this simple crunch into a glute raise.

Give your legs a push up for that extra contraction and let your breath out at the top of the movement, now let your feet come very slowly down to the start position, repeat as necessary.

Doing all of these ab exercises will ensure that you have excellent core work and great abs, for a sure-fire way to get defined abs and a six-pack, check out Fat Diminisher here.


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