9 Foods That Burn Fat

foods that burn fat

This sort of diet will not only reduce health risks like diabetes but also make you feel and look a whole lot better.

When you tell people that there are foods out there that burn fat, they tend to laugh and not believe you, how can a food source burn fat right?

But there are natural healthy foods out there that can boost your metabolism, trigger hormones that help burn off fat and eliminate toxins that make it hard for your body to shed unwanted poundage, take caution however, these foods will only work properly if eaten with a clean diet, don’t expect miracles after eating junk food all day.

Here is a short guide to some brilliant fat burners:

Broccoli Rabe

foods that burn fat

Broccoli Rabe is a great fat burner as it stimulates fat cells to burn fat.

I bet you never knew that some food talked to your fat cells, that is what the phytonutrient sulforaphane in broccoli does. It activates an enzyme that starts telling your fat cells to burn fat.

A good meal idea is saute broccoli rabe with lemon zest and chili flakes, you can also mix broccoli rabe with sweet Italian sausage or even mix broccoli rabe up with sumer squash and olive oil, mint, lemon juice and pine nuts.


foods that burn fat

A food that help burn belly fat and give you much more chance in your diet.

A lot of people have said in the past that avocados contain a lot of fat and should be best avoided, whilst this is true on the fat content part it is good fat and is actually a triple fat burner!

It’s mono-unsaturated fats pumps up cell membranes making cells communicate better with your fat-burning hormones. They also switch off the body’s fat storage hormone, it also helps boost the metabolism of your body, great excuse to eat guacamole.

An easy way to incorporate this into a meal is to make an avocado smoothie, this may sound daft but blend up an avocado without the skin with coconut milk and cinnamon or for an on the go breakfast try half an avocado with sea salt and tomatoes.

Brazil Nuts

foods that burn fat

Brazil nuts are snacks that keep you full and stop you eating rubbsh in between meals.

So many people discard these nuts from the nut selection, keep them, there great fat burners. They boost metabolism by changing the thyroid hormone to an active form.

They bind toxins that would otherwise store themselves as fat and turn to cellulite.

They make a great snack on there own, drink brazil nut milk with vanilla and cardamom.

Chia Seeds

foods that burn fat

Great for boosting your metabolism.

These are great because they are packed with omega-3 fats, fiber and protein, these seeds suppress the appetite, boost metabolism and also turns on one of the body’s great fat burning hormones, glucagon. soak them for 15 mins in water so they swell up to ten times there original size, the same goes with oatmeal too, the bigger the seeds are, the faster those hormones will be released that tell you your full and hopefully keep you satisfied.

A good meal idea for these seeds is to make a chia seed pudding by soaking them in almond milk and topping it off with raw almonds, blended with coconut milk and pineapple will make a pina colada type dessert or even eat a chia energy bar if you can.

Wild Salmon

foods that burn fat

These are a great food that helps blitz bellyfat over a few weeks.

You can’t your way to a six-pack, this is done through exercise too, abdominal fat can be stripped with regular meals of wild salmon. Omega-3 in salmon boosts insulin sensitivity, this in turn blitzes fat from your abs, this will also kick your thyroid into gear increasing metabolism.

For a beautiful meal, poach some wild salmon with a watercress and pink grapefruit salad.


foods that burn fat

Great as they only contain 50 calories for 6 of them! keeps you full so you don’t need to be embarrassed when you dine out with friends.

Oysters are fantastic when it comes to eating out. Being low in calories is great but they are only 50 calories for every six oysters!. They are one of the richest sources of zinc which helps decrease appetite and cravings.

Eat a few oysters with a hint of lemon and dash of tabasco.

Coconut Oil

foods that burn fat

Great for cooking in, again this can help lose bellyfat.

Coconut oil is rich in MCT’s (medium-chained-triglycerides), which your body gives priority too when finding an energy source leaving little opportunity for fat storage.

A recent study published by the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition showed greater fat loss over a 16 week period around the lower stomach area when MCT’S were consumed versus olive oil, this doesn’t mean get rid of olive oil altogether, olive oil has many good properties, use coconut oil to cook with and olive oil as a salad dressing.


foods that burn fat

Great seasoning for certain meals, helps blitz bodyfat in general.

This is a strong aromatic spice moves glucose faster into your cells so insulin, which causes fat storage is forced to hang around a lot less. At least a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon is required to make an affect.

Add cinnamon to a vanilla smoothie, make an apple spiced chia pudding, toss cinnamon through warmed quinoa with raspberries and pistachios.


foods that burn fat

Great 20 mins before a workout, just stick to one a day maximum.

There is a reason that people love coffee so much, coffee stimulates adrenaline, this sends a message to your fat stores to burn fat, if you drink coffee 20 mins before a workout, it acts as an ergogenic aid that makes you train more intensively.

The key is to make it caffeinated and black, milk reduces it’s fat burning potential. Be warned however that more than one cup of coffee a day will interfere with your body’s insulin regulator which tells it how to store fat.

These are some of the best foods available to help burn fat, incorporate these into a healthy diet plan and start seeing results very quickly!.


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