A Quick, Easy Weight Loss Diet To Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days

When you tell people that there is an easy diet to lose around 20 pounds of weight in just 30 days they will most likely laugh at you.


Persevere though as there is easy way which I will show you now, by optimizing 3 factors: diet, drug/supplement regime and exercise, these are always implemented with professional athletes, the diet we will look at today is known as a ‘slow-carb diet’.

quick easy diet

Cutting down on the sugar and salt and replacing it with goodness can only benefit you in more ways than one.

Step 1: Avoid ‘White’ Carbohydrates

Be sure to avoid all carbs that are or can be white, prohibit the following foods. There is one exception to this rule however, if you have just done a resistance based workout of at least 20 mins within the last 90 mins then you may have these: Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals and fried food with breading on, avoiding white carbs in general will really help you.

Eating healthily is a great start to losing that unwanted baggage and getting a trimmer figure.

Eating healthily is a great start to losing that unwanted baggage and getting a trimmer figure.


Step 2: Eat The Same Few Meals Regularly

The dieters who do the best are the ones that eat the same meals all the time whether there goal is gaining muscle or losing weight. You can mix and match your foods selecting from the following groups:


  • Egg whites and one whole egg for flavour.
  • Lean chicken breast or thigh.
  • Organic grass fed beef.
  • Pork.


  • Black beans.
  • Lentils.
  • Pinto beans.


  • Asparagus.
  • Mixed vegetables.
  • Peas.
  • Spinach.

You can eat as much as you want of the above but always keep it simple. Pick three to four meals and stick to them. Nearly all restaurants will give you a salad or a portion of vegetables instead of those french fries.

Most people who go on ‘low-carb’ diets constantly complain about a lack of energy and fatigue, this is not because the diet is rubbish or dangerous, it is because they do not consume enough calories in the first place.

Remember a 1/2 cup of rice is equal to 300 calories where as 1/2 cup of spinach is only 15.

You should be sure to add legumes to your diet to ensure a decent caloric load.

Many athletes will eat 6 to 8 times per day but this is not always easy for most people so 4 meals a day will suffice if you can space them out properly and consume the right amount of calories etc.


quick weight loss diet

If used in moderation, could be a great weapon against weight gain.

Step 3: Stop Drinking Excess Calories

You can drink great quantities of water, unsweetened drinks like coffee, diet soda’s, tea and any other low calorie beverage that you like, just do not drink any milk based drinks, normal soft drinks or fruit juices.

stop binge eating

changing your attitude towards eating will make a big difference to your diet plans.

Step 4: Take A Day Off

Take a day off from your diet one day a week, (Saturday is always best for me.) and go nuts!.

You can eat anything that you want on your cheat day (ice cream, pizzas, takeaway whatever takes your fancy). This actually is really beneficial in your diet as your thyroid and metabolism slow down when you restrict calories in the way we are doing which could ruin things in the long run, however having a cheat day kick starts your metabolism to burn off your days antics, this will help speed up your metabolism.

So you see this is a quick easy way to diet and actually lose some weight in the process, even as much as 20 pounds within a month!. Please feel free to comment below.


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