About Me

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is James Branscombe and I have been playing around with many different ways to lose weight and tone up over the past 12 years.

When I left school at 16 I went to college and then into full-time employment working within an office 8-12 hours per day, it was a nice cushy job and was well paid, the problem was trying to juggle free-time and exercise around my work, free-time took precedence over exercise and with the vending machines regularly used at work, the weight soon piled on, before I knew it I had gained a lot of weight without realising.394444_10151311148622646_437465074_n

After a shock wake-up call 16 months after starting work, I realised something had to be done to stop it getting further out of hand, that is when pain staking research began, 3 months down the line I thought I had cracked it and began on an exercise and fitness regime based on what I had found, I cleared out my cupboards of junk and replaced with my diet plan food and began a gym membership with regular visits to the gym, the problem with this is that different diets work for different people, you’ve probably heard the term ‘different strokes for different folks’, well that definately applied to me, I was following what I believed to be the perfect formula for 7 months, only to step on the scales and still see that abysmal 237lbs staring back at me, where was I going wrong?

Finally I believe I have found a lot of helpful information which has been the culmination of neally 12 years worth of research and dedication, this has not been an easy journey for me by any means but I have succeded and gone down to a much more healthy 195lbs because of it, I feel better and fitter than I have ever done in my life,  and I owe it all to dedication and hard-work.

It has also given me motivation to start a website that I can use to hopefully pass on  my knowledge and experience to others like yourself who are also having a hard time with no solid plan that works for you, on here I will share my personal experiences with you and many trial and error experiments and successes that I have come across, and all for free, many websites would be demanding money at this point, but I believe there is motivation to be had in something which you have easy access to without worrying about paying anything extra to recieve it.

If you have any questions feel free to contribute all comments and personal experiences to the site, I like hearing feedback and also love to hear of people’s success stories and progress.

So, About me

I am currently 29 years old, live with my partner in the UK, I am 6’1 tall and according to my previous BMI results I was obese!, but after rigorous training and exercise my new BMI figure is now in the ‘overweight’ range,

That is something I will come onto as you progress through the site, the BMI scale does not take into account muscle weight or frame size etc. so is not 100% reliable, there are many ways to check your health rather than the old-fashioned BMI scale, so forget about your weight and BMI for now and concentrate more on your health and well-being, this makes your weight loss journey so much more enjoyable and a hell of a lot easier.

The healthier you are, the better your body and mind functions as a whole, I’m going to be showing you many great ways, tips and tricks that will have you in the best shape of your life!

I look forward to aiding your journey going forward and seeing your results,.

If you ever have any comments, feedback or tips of your own then feel free to comment below and I look forward to connecting with you.

Best Regards


Founder of Fat Tear Down


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