Adonis Golden Ratio Review

This program has so many benefits it is definitely worth a look in.

The Magical Ratio: Two Key Components

If you have been looking for a decent review of the Adonis Golden Ratio then you have come to the right place. You have probably asked yourself if it works, will you get lean and muscular from it? , is it good as a fitness program?, well to find out if this is the holy grail of fitness and muscle building programs on the net keep reading.

The program has been brought about by 10 years of painstaking research and testing by John Barban, a fitness expert with a University Of Florida degree who has defied the odds and beaten his own bad genetics to get the perfect body as well as transforming 1000’s of other people with bad genetic problems, with lean muscle mass and low body fat.

He is also good friends with top fitness guru Kyle Leon. Instead of getting started with the usual low body fat mass and lean muscle structure he chooses to tackle this from a slightly different approach.

John’s approach is actually more psychological rather than physical as people’s initial visual perception of you is held forever.

He noticed great examples of physical beauty, athleticism and strength from ancient Greek and Latin art that have always been regarded as truly fit looking individuals that did not need immense size to look their best.

Great results speak for themselves.

What Makes The Lean And Muscular Body So Appealing?

John has come to the conclusion that the decision that men and women make on a man’s physique is based on the waist to shoulder ratio, the ideal Adonis ratio is the measurement of shoulder circumference to waist circumference.

An ideal Adonis gold ratio implies low body fat and lean muscle mass, more muscle in the shoulders and less in the waistline area, other parts of the body are also important but it is mainly the shoulders and waist.

The program starts out taking measurements of both your shoulders and waist to work out what your  ideal workout plan is, caloric intake and diet plan. This also goes with your age, height and weight.

John mentions your initial shoulder to waist ratio your Adonis index, once you have reached the ideal low body fat and lean muscle mass can it then be called Adonis golden ratio.

Any body shape can see a good improvement to their shoulder to waist ratio, this is verified by hundreds of testimonials and before and after photos.

John’s system avoids overbuilt bodybuilder physiques as this is not what the majority of women want, most people breach the ideal threshold of muscle mass and are not what the opposite sex are looking for.

John actually discourages weighted crunches and deadlifts as he claims that they increase waist size, the deadlift and squat are noted as being the kings of exercise, promoting metabolism boosting and therefore a smaller waist from fat loss.

I fail to see how these types of exercises could have a bad impact on a small waist to shoulder ratio, many happy customers have actually reported successfully substituting these exercises.

Find out below what you get in this amazing program.

What Is In The Adonis Program?

The starting point for this program is you’re shoulder and waist measurement, John describes how to successfully measure these, then you can decide whether you want to lose just fat only, build muscle only or do both.

You then put this information into The Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition program provided, you also include your age, height and weight, the program then calculates how many calories you need per day based on your choice to achieve your ideal measurements.

The program itself is based on a 12-week program that has different workouts based on whether you want to lose fat, build muscle or both. A good example is if you are looking to lose fat you will do structured circuit training 3 to 4 times per week which is 3 groups of sets each with 1 minute rest between sets and a 3 minute rest between groups.

For gaining the lean muscle mass. the exercises are performed straight with rest between each set, there is no circuit training involved to give muscles chance to recover, all the exercises are well detailed and explained in the online video coaching library.

The nutritional and training information is provided as two pdf documents that are instantly downloaded as soon as the program is purchased and the nutrition software and video coaching is available online once you have signed up.

You also get access to the AGR online community where you can receive and give tips, advice and motivation to others.  John Barben is on there as well as other fitness experts to answer any questions you may have.

Having the online part is the most valuable part of the program in my opinion as it helps keep you motivated and focused and also makes you less likely to quit.

The program also comes with 3 bonuses:

  1. The arms and abs assault: – If big shoulders and a small waist are the kings of attractiveness then abs and arms are the queens, they play an important role on initial visual impression.
  2. Unlimited life upgrade: — Anything new at all added to the program will be offered to members completely free.
  3. 7 days out by Kyle Leon: – A 7-day blueprint to supposedly look 10 to 15 pounds leaner and 10 to 15 pounds more muscular, showing various tips and tricks for this, seems a little bit far fetched to me, if it sounds too good to be true etc.

Brilliant program to not only build muscle but also to lose weight as well.

Main Program Contents Overview

  1. Adonis golden ratio nutrition guide – What foods to eat and which you should avoid.
  2. AGR nutrition software – Calculates your daily and weekly intake, golden index and golden ratio at the end of the program.
  3. AGR Training system – All information needed for resistance training, depending on whether you need to lose fat, build muscle or even both.
  4. Online video coaching library – Great tutorials for showing you what’s what with the workouts.
  5. Online community – Helps you stay focused, encourage one another, share tips and even speak with John Barben or other fitness gurus.
  6. Supplementation guide – Offers info on a few restricted supplements, John discusses the waste of money on most supplements, a select few supplements are complimentary to the diet and workouts but are not essential.

Before photos always let you know your progress.

The Pros

  • Very Thorough Program
  • 1000’s of testimonials with before and after pics.
  • Instant access to the online forum and download materials.
  • Very informative and respected author who has also used the program successfully on himself.
  • An invaluable and positive online community to keep you motivated and positive.
  • Program advocates an attractive lean physique over an overly developed body builder like one.
  • Works on any body type whether you are slim, muscular or fat.
  • Very flexible program that is adjustable to your goals.

The Cons

  • The supplementation guide is a good and bad thing, it implies that many supplements are a waste of money, but also says that some are still worth while, my opinion is that you do not need these to succeed.
  • The ‘7-days out’ system by Kyle Leon is not really worth having as I find it’s claims a little absurd, but it may work for you.

Overall then the Golden Adonis Ratio System is very good and cannot really be faulted bar one or two little niggles, that being said, the niggles are just two small parts of it you do not need to follow and you will still see amazing results.


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