Arnold Schwarzanegger’s 3 Favorite Bodybuilding Lifting Methods

Arnold Schwarzemegger Workout Routine Strengthen Weaker

Your body always does everything it can to take the easy road, after all it is built to adapt to situations. Performing the same workout routines week after week will just get your body used to the workout, as it does this, your body will get used to it and gains will unfortunately stop.

Arnold Schwarzanegger already knows this about the body, and also knows that the best way to fight the bodies adaptation to the workout is to occasionally shock the muscles with much more extreme overload methods.

Arnold has some great techniques for long-term muscle growth.

Be warned though, these workouts are intense but are amazing for creating lean muscle mass. You shouldn’t however use them in every workout, but used about once a week they will help you to overcome stagnation and actually strengthen you mentally.

Arnold Schwarzanegger Bodybuilding

Building muscle like Arnie is possible if you work hard and change up your routine every so often.

Method 1: The Stripping Method

After warming up on an exercise you will be doing select, select a weight you can lift for a maximum of 5 reps and after that take around 25-30 % of the weight off the bar and do another 5 – 8 reps, the first drop is very hard but overall it will test how tough you are mentally.

Without taking any rest keep reducing the weight and attempting to get 5 to 8 reps per drop until you are down to a bare barbell, now finish off with 20 reps and rest.

Arnold Schwarzanegger Bodybuilding

Doing several different new methods to your workout can show the best results.

Method 2: 1-10 Method

This method is a slightly different way to do a strip set and is definitely much more difficult. After performing a warm-up load a weight on the bar this is so heavy that you can only manage one rep with it, after that take just enough weight off so that you can then do two reps.

Continue in this way dropping just enough off each time so that you can add one more rep on until you get to 10 reps.

This sort of movement is hard because you are having no rest between sets and using the most weight you can to do the required reps, in fact the only rest you get is unracking the weight. The 1-10 method really does shock your muscles into submission.

Arnold Schwarzanegger Bodybuilding

Doing a ‘Rack Run’ can really help you break through any plateau you have been stuck a while with.

Method 3: Running The Rack

You basically choose an exercise like the seated press and select dumbbells so heavy you can only perform 6 reps on them, once you have done this then grab some around 5 pounds lighter and do another 6 reps, move down another 5 pounds and do another 6 reps, keep running the rack down until you get so light you can easily do more than 6 reps.

This method can be used on any exercise but works best on dumbbell based movements, it proves extremely effective and will get your muscles burning.

Arnold Schwarzanegger really does have a passion for bodybuilding and lifting. He has always thought outside of the box and never accepted the norm, pushing the limits higher and higher each time.

Performing your workouts this way will see some great gains and help you progress just that little bit further.

Getting the body you want is not impossible for anybody.

Getting the body you want is not impossible for anybody.

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