Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

For many people, getting fit and even building muscle can be a hugely daunting task, sometimes people feel intimidated by the gym, don’t have the time to go or are simply very busy every day The benefits of bodyweight training with some simple bodyweight exercises can improve your stamina, overall fitness, strength, building muscle and even fat loss!, not only that but bodyweight exercises can usually be performed in quite small spaces and take hardly anytime to do.

Below I have given a number of reasons to be interested that will surprise you:

Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercises are the best available anywhere

1. Efficient Workouts

Unless you are aiming to be a 20 stone bodybuilder with the biggest physique ever then the days of 4 hour long gym sessions will become a distant memory, medical research has shown that high-output, bodyweight exercise produces awesome fitness gains in very short workouts. Since no equipment is ever needed you can easily move between different workouts quickly, keeping your heart rate up and increasing your fat-burning potential.

2. A Combined Cardio And Strength Training Program that you can manage

Are you stuck for time but would like to get cardio and strength training done at the same time? Performing some bodyweight cardio sessions such as some burpees in-between strength exercises will keep your heart rate up and aid muscle and strength development.

bodyweight training can improve your overall body and make you look much fitter.

3. Quick Fat Burning

Just a few minutes of bodyweight circuit training can have a major impact on the bodies metabolism helping to shift some unwanted pounds, a bit skeptical? try adding some amped-up burpees into your routine and see what happens!

4. There’s Something For Everyone

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic because they can be catered for anyone’s fitness level, doing more repetitions, perfecting your form or doing the exercises much faster or super-slow will make that simple exercise much more challenging. Progression is very easy to keep track of, since the exercises offer many ways in which you can do a bit more in each workout.

5. Improved Core Strength

The ‘Core’ is more than just your stomach/abs, Research has shown at least 29 individual muscles make up your bodies central core, many straight-forward bodyweight exercises can be used to eng

age all of them, These exercises not only improve athletic performance but also posture as well, this is very beneficial to you long-term, improving spinal conditioning.

6. Much Higher Flexibility

Regular bodyweight training exercises can go hand in hand with resistance training exercises for strength and flexibility, completing bodyweight exercises through the full range of motion can give an improved posture, ensure joints can move freely and even reduce exercise-related injuries, Yoga is also a fantastic body-weighted workout that improves flexibility and even body strength.

7. Convenience

Most people who never really exercise will usually use the excuse that they ‘do not have the time’ or that it is ‘inconvenient’ for them. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that they practically eliminate these obstacles by allowing anybody to workout where ever they are, This can even act as stress relief for people working from home and a great hotel room workout for people ‘on the road’, there really is no longer any excuse.

8. Improved Balance

Because bodyweight exercise use no weights, increasing the resistance is achieved in many ways, for example, a normal body-weighted squat can be stepped up a notch by switching to a one legged squat also known as a pistol squat, exercises such as a this increase balance through the bodies awareness and control.

9. No More Boredom

bodyweight training clearly benefits the body in many ways.

Bodyweight training will massively benefit your body and improve your physique in no time.

It can be so easy to fall into a workout rut of constant bench-presses, lat pull-downs and curls, this is why bodyweight training is so effective, countless exercise variations can spice up any routine. Not only can this variation of exercise break up the boredom it can also help break through any plateau’s you might experience by sparking further fitness progress.

10. Fun Fitness

If you think of the words ‘fun fitness’ you don’t imagine heading indoors to do some exercise do you?

Well the beauty of bodyweight exercises is they can be done in or outdoors, alone or with friends, better still, if you incorporate some silly exercises in with your routine for fun this makes the process all the more enjoyable.

11. Cheap Fitness

A gym membership can be pricey, bodyweight training is completely free! Many experts claim that the re-emergence of bodyweight training in popularity is the super-low cost of it, Plus there are now many outdoor places springing up that offer a personal space to perform bodyweight workouts (or just attempt to ‘share’ the local playground with the kids).

12. Prevention Of Injuries

Injury is one of the no.1 causes why people stop exercising, preventing the aches and pains should be a massive priority. Body-weighted exercises can be safe for anybody regardless of age, fitness level or experience, many of the simple bodyweight exercises can aid rehabilitation of injuries, even for those with significant impairments.

13. The Results

The all-important results which I’m sure your dying to see, well bodyweight exercises produce results guaranteed, this is partly because of the compound movement involved with the exercises, this means many muscles and joints are used, exercises such as chin-ups, push-ups and lunges have shown to be effective in both strength and performance gains.

Because of the core strength this training develops.,this amplifies results even more and improved core strength translates into greater overall strength.

If your new to all of this, please seek the help of a friend or personal trainer just to guide you through he initial steps.

I hope this information has been effective and please do not hesitate to try this for yourself and see what a difference a bit of exercise can make.

There is plenty of information out there with regards to bodyweight exercises468x60-CFL-279 and there beenfitsthat you can be doing including diets to help you progress further.

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