Can Butter Help Weight Loss?

butter weight loss

Butter has always been a turn off to health conscious folk, many people choosing to opt for vegan substitutes. It has now been found however that butter can aid weight loss and has saturated fats that help the heart.

This is a good time to introduce ghee, a mainstay in ayurvedic medicine and Indian cuisine. Ghee is made by heating butter until it melts and the milk solids separate from it and then they are removed meaning it is no longer dairy, only fat, mostly saturated. This is essential to muscle recovery and immunity.

butter weight loss

Used in many restaurant kitchens around the world to help flavour your favorite foods.

In The Kitchen

Nearly all commercial kitchens use it, it is perfect for cooking at high heat, featuring a rich, nutty flavor, it goes great on everything from brussel sprouts to lobster.

Many experts however recommend taking it easy until there is more evidence, Dr. David Katz, a founder of Yale University’s prevention research center states he has not found any clear evidence of ghee providing any health or medicinal benefits, also stating it is a lot of folklore, although there not many western studies, studies from south east Asia and similar parts of the world have shown that ghee has positive effects on cholesterol and fatty liquids in the blood.

Ghee offers high-fat dairy product benefits with no drawbacks, the good points: aids digestion, detoxification and weight loss. This is taking a healthy food and making it better.

butter weight loss

This will certainly help you with losing weight, maybe not instantly, but the results will come.

How You Will Look

This may seem ludicrous but eating fat is actually essential to losing it, many of us have lost our ability burn fat well.

Ghee fires up the gall bladder, a good idea is to drink 2 oz. of liquefied ghee three days, once a quarter as part of an oteation. This technique lubricates the body with oil, attracting fats an getting rid of toxins that make getting rid of fat cells hard, also for people looking ot bulk up, ghee helps restore and rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

How Will You Feel?

Ghee is ingesting milk derived products but without dairy based inflammation which can lead to disease and high cholesterol. The bacteria in our intestines makesĀ  butyric acids (this is a primary fatty acid in ghee). Supplementing means even more of a good thing. It increases immunity, destroys bad bacteria as well as increasing the performance of good microbes.

There is also vitamin’s A, D, E, KĀ  as well as omega 3 and 9, your body will absorb all of these from ghee, there are also antioxidants in there too to be had.


Where To Find Ghee

The organic stuff is in most health food stores or you can make your own, gently heat butter through until it melts and the brown milk solids separate and go to the bottom then just simply strain these away.

So it seems although the jury is still out, butter can actually help weight loss.

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