Can Consumption Of Apple Cider Vinegar Aid Weight Loss?

Apple cider vinegar weight loss

Vinegar has been used for weight loss for thousands of years, it is believed that consuming a few teaspoons before meals can help reduce appetite and cravings whilst also boosting your metabolism. How about apple cider vinegar? Apple cider vinegar cannot perform miracles, you still need a healthy diet and a good exercise plan, but it may help to reduce body fat and weight whilst giving other health benefits too.

Apple cider vinegar weight loss

Is the apple cider vinegar story a myth?

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Just A Myth?

The theory behind it’s weight loss properties is that it controls blood sugar levels and appetite. A study was conducted in 2009 with an obese Japanese man, it was concluded that there was a decent decrease in weight and appetite with 30ml of vinegar a day.

The study concluded that the vinegar intake reduces body fat mass, body weight and serum triglyceride levels, a main component of vinegar (Acetic Acid/AcOH) helps suppress body fat accumulation, unfortunately there have bot been many studies done on humans with regards to the vinegar and weight loss, more research should be performed to confirm the far-burning effects of vinegar if any.

The diet of vinegar claims that it boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss, no food can cause fast weight loss however without drastic diet and lifestyle changes too, it can also depend on the reason for the weight gain in the first place with the individual.

Further studies have shown that the apple cider vinegar helps balance blood sugar levels by lowering a meal’s glycemic index, whilst it is true that controlled blood sugar spikes can help with weight loss. It also has strong anti-fungal properties, it can be used to help fight candida, individuals with candida overgrowth often crave lots of carbs and sugar which might be a lot of the reason for weight gain.


Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

Let’s take a look at why apple cider vinegar is better to use.

Why Is Apple Cider Vinegar Better To Use?

It is often chosen over many other vinegars for many reasons, apart from just weight loss support, it contains detoxifying qualities and anti-microbial properties.

Apple cider vinegar is a helpful health tonic that shows lots of promise in helping with diabetes, cancer, healthy hearts, high cholesterol, free radical damage, digestion and acid reflux. Even if the evidence for weight loss is a little bit thin on the ground it can’t hurt to have it as part of your diet.

So How Do You Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss?

It is recommended to put two teaspoons in a glass of water, it is very acidic and can cause irritation to your throat and stomach, you should always dilute it with juice or water, the apple cider vinegar is organic unpasteurized containing the mother to get all the good nutrients.

Be sure to check with your doctor before consuming long term especially if you have health issues, however people have used it for years with no ill side effects.

Apple cider vinegar is still not proven in terms of weight loss but seems to bring with it lots of other health benefits to the table. Goodluck and please feel free to comment below.

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