Can You Control Where You Lose Weight?

Bodybuilder Workouts You will have seen kettlebells used many times before for this, squats.

There is an old legend going around that lose weight on specific parts of your body using specific exercises to target fat.

There are plenty of commercials on tv on the various shopping channels promoting these ‘amazing’ ab machines that can burn inches off your stomach with a few crunches on the machine regularly.

Do any of these rumors hold true?

Verdict Is You Cannot Control Where You Lose Fat

I’m afraid losing weight in a specific place is more to do with genetics rather than a special weekly ‘abs’ class.

Asking your body to lose fat from one small area is like trying to remove a cup of water from a small corner of a bath, the water level will drop but you won’t see a ditch in that corner of the bath.

In 2013 a study was conducted on the effects of fat loss on a targeted area for fat mass. Subjects did a ridiculous number of leg presses on there non dominant leg over 12 weeks.

Despite performing between 960 and 1200 reps three times a week using very light resistance the participants saw no noticeable fat loss in the hard working leg, it was noted that there was a decreased level of fat in the upper body but nothing in the legs.

oatmeal weight loss

Is it possible to control where you lose the weight then?

What About If You Want  A Leaner Middle?


First off you should be happy, you have just saved yourself a lot of money, anything upto $200 as you won’t be tempted to go out and buy any ab building/reucing junk, that’s not all.

If you really want to lose that gut and have a good diet and exercise program there are some things you can do to reduce waist line appearance.

Strength training upper body muscles like shoulders and back will improve your posture and proportions, they will make your waistline appear smaller, An improved posture will make you stand taller and appear thinner.

The added muscle you will be building will help speed up your metabolism, speeding up the calorie and fat burning process.

hugh jackman wolverine workout

Getting the perfect body is not easy but equally it is not impossible either.

In Conclusion

Basically the key to a great set of abs is not a million crunches but eating right and working the whole body out.

Doing strength training will actually increase calorie burn all day long and high intensity cardio will burn big chunks of calories in a short space of time, a good diet will also ensure that you are taking in the right amount of quality calories.

You might not drop three pant sizes in one week like in the ads but you will still reach your goal with patience and the rest of your body will be looking and feeling better too.

So it seems although you can’t control where you lose the weight, you can still lose weight overall and get the body you want.


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