Can You Really Lose Weight With Water?

Lose Weight Drinking water upto half an hour before you eat will ensure that you digest your food much better.

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to lose weight with just water?

A Machine

lose weight drinking water

A well lubricated machine works much more efficiently just like the body.

Well if you imagine a powerful well-oiled machine like an engine or a Swiss watch, it requires good lubrication to function properly and without it can seize up and cease to function.

The same idea can be thought of in the human body, water is the perfect lubrication required for the body to keep it running efficiently. Once you understand how water can be used to achieve good health and effective weight loss, the information becomes great news.


Don’t Get Dehydrated

lose weight drinking water

Don’t let your body get dehydrated, get it working properly.

Not drinking enough of it causes dehydration, being dehydrated causes your body to go into survival mode and store as much water as it can which in turn causes bloating and weight gain. Any sort of caffeine based drink like tea, coffee or cola makes the problem much worse as it behaves as a diuretic  driving water out of the body.

The same goes for alcohol, i’m sure there have been many mornings after the night before where you drank too much and felt to have dry mouth and you had a hangover. Cutting down on both alcohol and caffeine and upping your water and water-based food intake with fruit and vegetables can restore the natural water balance in your body.

Drinking water can also boost metabolism, your kidney’s function is to filter toxins but they cannot work as effectively when you are dehydrated causing your liver to bear some of the brunt. The liver’s job is normally to metabolize fat, it can’t do this effectively under these conditions which can lead to weight gain. Drinking enough water causes both organs to work properly, making your body work efficiently and leading to weight loss.

Being dehydrated causes fatigue, lower energy levels and hunger. Many times people mistake thirst for hunger and have something to eat instead of having a drink. Water actually acts as a natural appetite suppressant, drinking a glass of water when your hungry will usually take care of the problem and also keep you hydrated.

Sodium Intake

lose weight drinking water

Having too much salt or sodium in your diet is not worth the risks and won’t keep you healthy.

Excessive salt or sodium in your diet is a leading cause of dehydration and fluid retention. Many processed foods contain excessive salt, this is the time to be label-conscious. Eating fresh unprocessed foods is the way to go, but if you can’t avoid ready meals go for the low-salt variety.


Are You Getting Enough?

lose weight drinking water

Make sure your get enough water in the day to keep in you in top condition.

Your probably asking yourself this very question in regards to water, 2 liters does sound like a lot of water when you picture a big bottle or a long line of glasses, but it doesn’t have to be if you space out water consumption throughout the day.

Start the day with a glass of water, if you can’t stand it cold then warm it up with some lemon and honey, this is a good liver tonic as well, be sure to have a glass of water with each meal as well. That’s another three right there, also swap a couple of normal cups of tea or coffee for decaffeinated varieties or even try herbal and fruit teas instead.

Before long you drunk what you need to for the day, when your on the go take a bottle of water with you and slowly sip it as you go. At a pub or bar choose water instead of fruit mixers. Double up on fruit, vegetables and legumes to get even more water, if you really can’t stand plain old water then sweeten it up with some cordial to improve the taste.

Although you shouldn’t drink water just for weight loss it does have numerous health benefits. It boosts your metabolism as we have discussed, makes your bowels work much more efficiently and keeps your skin healthy and your hair shiny. Drink water for a better body, drink it for a better life.

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