Easy Ways To Lose Body Fat Fast

Bodybuilding You can never expect instant results with weight loss or bodybuilding but the results do come with patience.

We are always looking for ways to lose excess body fat, sometimes it just seems impossible and you certainly can’t do it fast, unless you implement some simple steps,

I have looked into some simple methods you can use, they aren’t instant but are very quick in regards to burning off your excess body fat. Try them out for yourself and see if you can notice some good results from them.


1. Stop Dieting

A good healthy diet is not about eating less, it’s about eating more. More nutrient rich food, getting rid of empty calories and keep you full all day.

This is an important thing that many people forget, as restricting food intake will only wreck your metabolism, this tells your brain that you are very hungry, in turn your body slows down your metabolism to hold on to it’s existing energy stores.

The worse part is that if your diet continues you will begin to burn off muscle instead and fat will go on to claim further territory.

lose body fat fast

Getting plenty of rest is vital to losing weight successfully.

2. Get To Bed Earlier

A study was conducted in Finland on two identical twins, it was found that the twin who slept less was more stressed and had more visceral fat.

3. Get More Protein

Your body needs regular protein to maintain lean muscle tissue. The recommended daily intake of protein is 0.36g per pound of body weight, this is not enough however if you are doing any kind of resistance training, for women this should 0.54g per pound of body weight.

Research has also shown that protein can up increase calorie burn post-meal as much as 35%.

lose body fat fast

Going organic means you are not consuming all those dangerous chemicals as well.

4. Try To Go Organic

Researchers in Canada have found that people who consume foods that have had pesticides used on them found it much harder to lose weight towards the end than those who ate organically, it seems that pesticides and other anti-insect chemicals interfere with your body’s fat burning process.

Try and eat organically where you can as this will increase your chances.

5. Keep Going

Sitting or standing at work can also affect your overall weight, inactivity for more than 4 hours deactivates an enzyme that deals with fat control and cholesterol metabolism. To make sure this enzyme stays active, try stand within a 4 hour period, maybe even standing whilst using the phone etc.

5 high fat foods

Drinking plenty of water can really flush out your system and tone you up, but certain bottled waters can sneak sugar into them.

6. Drink Plenty Of Cold Water


Drinking 6 cups (48 oz.) a day raises resting metabolism by 50 calories per day. That’s enough to lose 5 pounds every year with no real extra effort, this increase is likely to be from the body’s extra work to regulate it’s temperature with cold water.

lose body fat fast

These can really help kick your system in to gear and burn some excess fat.

7. Eat Some Excess Heat

I don’t mean burn your mouth because the food’s temperature is too much, it’s hot spices of course.

Capsaicin, the compound that gives chilli peppers there heat will boost your metabolism. Eating just 1 tablespoon of chopped peppers boosts your sympathetic nervous system (your flight or fight response), this results in a temporary nutritional metabolism spike of 23%.

8. Gear Up In The Morning

Eating breakfast regularly kick starts your metabolism in the morning, it comes as no surprise that people who skip it regularly are 4 and a half more times likely to be obese. The heartier your meal is the better, Volunteers in a recent study who got 20-55% of there daily calories from breakfast gained 1.7 pounds average over 4 years compared to nearly 3 pounds for people who 0 to 11%.

lose body fat fast

Great for helping the body reduce it’s stress hormone cortisol and packed with anti-oxidants.

9. Drinking Tea Or Coffee

Caffeine is actually a nervous system stimulant, your daily coffee breaks can raise metabolism by as much as 8%. That equates to 98 to 172 calories every day, brewed tea for instance can raise it by as much as 12%, it is believed that catechins in tea provide the boost.

10. Using Fiber To Fight The Fat

Some fiber in your diet can trigger fat burn as much as 30%. In fact those who eat the most fiber gain the least weight over time. You should try for 25g of it every day, this is found in about 3 servings of fruit and veg.

lose body fat fast

Having a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables will really help your health going forward as well as your waistline.

11. Iron Rich Foods

Everyone needs it so that oxygen can be carried to there muscles. If you don’t keep your iron topped up it will ruin your metabolism and make you feel sluggish.

12. Getting More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed for looking after muscle tissue. You can get 90% of your daily intake from a 3.5 ounce salmon serving.


lose body fat fast

Not only great for your teeth, can also help other factors of weight loss too.

13. Drink Milk

Calcium deficiency in women may slow metabolism, consuming calcium through dairy rich foods like fat-free milk and low-fat yogurt can actually stop the absorption of fat from foods.

14. Eating Watermelon

Arginine, an amino acid found in water melon can help promote weight loss, in a lab experiment, amino acid was added to the diet of obese mice which enhanced the oxidation of fat and glucose, be sure to snack on melon year round.


15. Keep Hydrated

All chemical reactions going on in your body including your metabolism rely on water, being dehydrated can reduce fat burn by 2%, be sure to drink 8 to 12 8oz. glasses every day.

So there you have it, there are quite a few easy ways to lose some body fat fast without it being over difficult, try it for yourself and please feel free to comment below.

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