Effective Warm-Up Exercises You Can Do

Best Leg Exercises Also great for glutes and hamstrings, - the walking lunge

Before you step inside a gym or go for a run you should always warm-up using proper exercises otherwise you risk injury and not perform as well.

We all want a super effective workout with maximum performance, try these 9 different warm-up workouts to get the best from your workout.

Keeping It Dynamic

Many top trainers recommend starting with dynamic movements, these include workouts such as forward lunge, lateral squat, hand walk or arm circles.

After that move onto 3 sets of 15-yard linear skips, finish off with 3 sets of  15-yard carioca, this will prime your body ready for a great workout.

Jumping Around

5 mins of mild to brisk jump rope is all that is needed, a little jump rope will save you time and raise your body temperature and heart rate that will put you firmly in the fat-burning zone. Start with what you can do and gradually work up to 5 mins.

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Warming up properly before a workout is important for flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Tune In And Turn It Up

Warming up to music is a great way to get your mind ready for working out, bringing out such great oldies like Ac/Dc’s Thunderstruck will get you pumped up.

Functional Balance Exercise

Try performing a warm-up exercise that mimics the actual workout you will be doing, good examples of this are single-leg deadlifts with a dumbbell in the hand opposite the leg you are standing on or bent over rows whilst stood on the flat side of a BOSU trainer. Always do a workout warm up set that targets the muscles you want to use in a stabilizing way!.

Back To Jacks

Time to bring back an old favorite from the past, jumping jacks!, they work your heart, legs and core all at the same time, do a 5 to 10 minute warm-up followed by some light stretching of body parts, foam rolling these areas will give max performance.

Warm-ups are not supposed to be a part of workouts, you can break a sweat but don’t go so hard that you get lactic acid build-up, save the energy for the workout, keep the tempo quick and to the point.

This increases blood flow and readies your heart for the workout.

warm up exercise

It may not seem like much, but warming up properly has so many advantages to your overall workout.

Time To Swing Into Action

Using swinging movements helps prepare your muscles and joints for heavy lifting, think of your muscles and joints kind of like rubber bands, they would snap if cold, but if warmed up correctly they can stretch, be flexible and resilient.

These swinging exercises will help prepare you for a great workout:

  • Arm Circles – 1 set of 10 reps forwards and then 1 set of 10 reps backwards.
  • Front To Back Leg Swings – 1 set of 10 reps on each leg.
  • Cross-Body Leg Swings – 1 set of 10 reps on each leg.
  • Arm Swings – 1 set of 10 reps.
  • Standing Gate Openers Whilst Walking – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Straight Leg March – 2 sets of 15 yards.

Animal Instincts

Animals must make sure that their bodies are in top condition to be able to survive, pick 3 to 4 of these exercises to train and unleash your full potential:

  • Crab Walk – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Frog Jumps – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Duck Walk – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Bear Crawl – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Bunny Box Jump – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Lion’s Back Stretch – 1 set of 12 reps.
  • Spider Crawl – 2 sets of 15 yards.
  • Inchworm – 2 sets of 15 yards.
warm up exercise

Getting plenty of rest is vital to having a good workout as well, worth taking note.

The World’s Greatest Stretch – Yoga

That is the correct name for this workout, this workout works numerous muscles and performs many fluid movements.

A quick , easy and great warm up exercise that enhances flexibility.

Check out the many standard yoga positions to help prepare you for any exercise, do an exercise for 15 mins for maximum elasticity.

Great Warm-Up Medicine

Medicine balls are in nearly every gym and nearly always ignored, they are actually a great workout tool for warming up, try a few medicine ball based workouts to help get you warmed up.

Making the choice to actively warm up properly before any sort of workout will help you immensely and doing these exercises will mean you also have fewer injuries and greater flexibility.


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