Fat Loss Factor Review

fat loss factor review

Fat Loss Factor is a great program that can help you lose your unwanted weight in just 12 weeks.

Anyone who has been trying to lose weight and fat and has been exploring ways to do this has most likely discovered Fat Loss Factor, a diet and fitness program by Dr. Micheal Allen.

I have written a subjective review here with the pros and cons, the idea as with all my reviews is to give you enough information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether this is right for you or not.

What Is Fat Loss Factor?

As the name suggests, Fat Loss Factor is a program designed primarily to help you lose fat, created by Dr. Allen. A qualified nutritionist, wellness coach and board certified chiropractor. The program runs for a total of 12 weeks and is made up of a number of strength training and nutritional guidelines.

The driving force behind this program is the diet plan that rids the body of all of it’s toxins right at the start, thereafter it encourages you to consume food that is metabolism boosting, with complex carbohydrates, fibers and proteins.

fat loss factor review.

Let’s take a look at what your actually get for your money.

So What Do You Get For Your Money?

Without going into specific details about each item, these are the items that you will receive from the program:

  • The Fat Loss Factor main e-book.
  • Detailed workout plans.
  • Exercise Logs.
  • Master cleanse videos.
  • Short 15 minute workouts.
  • FooJoo software.
  • Grocery shopping list.
  • Goal setting guide.
  • Fat Loss Factor measurement forms.
  • Recipes e-book.

A good way to decide on anything is to go over it’s pros and cons.

fat loss factor review

You can watch those scales drop down as you progress on the program.

The Pros

Customizable – This program can easily adjusted to meet your own personal requirements. After successfully cleansing your body of all toxins within the first couple of weeks you then begin the rigorous workouts and healthy eating.

The workout plan caters for three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, you can easily follow this program regardless of your current fitness level.

Moneyback Guarantee – This says a lot in Dr. Allen’s confidence in the program, he gives all customers a definitive 60 day moneyback guarantee. So you can try this great program out and see if it is for you and if not just get your money back.

Lifetime Updates – Anyone who purchases this program will receive updates for life, completely free of charge, this will make sure you always get the latest fitness info regardless of how far into the future it is since you purchased. This will make sure you always keep your optimum fitness level.

Personal Coaching – After purchasing the program, Dr. Allen will give you one year’s personal email coaching.

Easy To Follow Program – This is one of the best bits about the program, it is very easy to follow and is designed to take into consideration hectic day to day life, although this focuses heavily on diet and exercise it does interfere with everyday life.

bodyweight workout

You will have to be committed to the program if you want to succeed.

The Cons

Hard First Couple Of Weeks – The initial program detoxification in the first two weeks may be difficult for some people.

Additional Investment – It may make you spend a bit more on certain food items as it encourages you to opt for healthier and organic options.

Demands Commitment – Although easy to follow and simple to apply, it does require a level of commitment. You must be prepared to make some changes to your daily plan.

Final Conclusion

All in all, The Fat Loss Factor effective and shows significant weight loss results. You will not get weight loss overnight and it isn’t some magic pill or supplement, however it does provide three significant factors of weight loss: cardio, strength training and nutrition.

Fat Loss Factor is a must try for anyone struggling with weight or fat loss.

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