Five Best Ways To Drop Some Unwanted Weight In A Week

lose belly fat It isn't always what you eat that counts, sometimes calorie counting is important too.

So your wanting to shed some unwanted weight for the important date you’ve been waiting for next week and have run out of ideas. Maybe you have a big wedding coming up and you’ve planned everything from the bridesmaid’s to the flowers, but unfortunately your waistline has taken a bit of a back seat, i’m sure your sat there reading this right now in fact wishing you had the inside secrets to the best ways possible to lose some excess weight.

If your looking for a perfect formula guaranteed to drop at least 5 lbs in one week without daft supplements, starvation or even cutting out your favorite food groups, how is this possible you ask?

Well it’s quite simple really, rather than give you a load of garbage suggested by a so-called ‘expert’ with a one-size fits all plan, I have come up with something which will not only fit in with your current lifestyle but also will be easy to adjust to as the transition and weight loss takes place, pick at least four of the following tips and incorporate them within a seven day routine and see the results for yourself, even better, incorporate more handy tips and see even further progress!.


 Drink Plenty Of Water

I’m sure most people know about the importance of drinking plenty of water, but do you know why drinks such as light beer’s, sports drinks or even fruit smoothies can be a bad idea for weight loss?

The simple answer is because a lot of these drinks are high in sodium and carbs, tricking your body into retaining water unnecessarily giving you that bloated look you are trying to get rid of.

On the other end of the scale water actually helps flush out excess water from your system, contains no carbs or calories and litt

le to no sodium as well as kicking your metabolism up a gear.

Drinking plenty of water can really flush out your system and tone you up.

Drinking plenty of water can really flush out your system and tone you up.

Ban That White Bread And Pasta

Cutting out all white-grain based products, such as pasta, spaghetti, bread and sandwich rolls will instantly give a positive slimming effect as the simple carbs in these foods cause a lot of bloating especially around the lower belly area.

Taking this a step further, instead of replacing the bloating white-grain products with wholegrain ones whic

h are healthier for you but still bloat unfortunately, substitute them for vegetables throughout the week e.g. chips and dip becomes carrot and dip. The complex carbs from veg break down much slower keeping you fuller for longer.


Do 30 Mins Of Cardio Everyday

Any workout you do that increases your heart rate will burn calories, however you will burn far more calories if you do a workout routine that engages multiple muscles.

Consider taking a spinning class, cardio kickboxing or even boot-camp fitness, 30 mins of any exercise plan will burn approx. 2-

300 calories in one session! As well as toning up problem areas such as arms, legs and your core.

Another handy tip to burn further calories is to incorporate interval training, short bursts of intense cardio mixed up

with slower exercises.

Cardio is the key to both fitness and health but also great body tone.

Cardio is the key to both fitness and health but also great body tone.

Drink Some Coffee An Hour Before Working Out

This is the only exception I would ever make to the ‘drink water only’ rule, a morning coffee with a splash of milk will energize your workout and burn more calories without you even realizing.


Have Nightly ‘On-Top’ Sex

Not that you need an excuse eh?

The fact is this position burns fat rather well, being on top means you are actively moving constantly, burning up-to 144 calories in 30 mins.

Sex also sets off neurotransmitters in your brain, releasing endorphins, feel-good energy, helping you ride out a food craving, even consider performing the reverse cowgirl (if your a girl of course) facing away from the guy to give your thighs and butt a muscle workout.


Do 36 Lunges And Push-Ups Every Other Day

These basic gym exercises will help sculpt your muscles, perform 3 sets of 12 every other day, the push ups will target your upper body, whilst the lunges do the majority of your lower body (butt, hips and thighs), you can also build more muscle by holding weights in each hand and performing the lunges.


Sleep An Extra Half An Hour Every Night

Whether you sleep 5 hours a night or 10, that extra half hour you sleep will help you make better choices when it comes to food, meaning no quick sugar fix for breakfast so you won’t feel lethargic and skip the gym,

more restful sleep of around 7 to 8 hours boosts metabolism. Since your body builds muscle whilst asleep it will also make you look more toned.


Getting that extra half an hour kip each night will make a world of difference to how your body looks.

Sacrifice One Food

Cutting out that one bad food from your diet such as a bar of chocolate or that bag of crisps will knock many hundreds of calories off in a week, meaning less bodyfat and your body will not even miss it.

Well that’s the end of this short guide to finding the best ways to drop some excess weight in a week and I really hope you can use it to benefit you in the near future.

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