Four Nutritional New Years Resolutions

keotgenic diet This is why it works below.

We all make New Years Resolutions and we all break them however here we have listed five easy to keep vows which will ensure a happy and healthy 2014. These resolutions can be incorporated into anyone of any ages life and are honestly not that difficult to keep!


  1. Eat more fruit and veg


healthy balanced diet

Fruit and veg can help boost your body’s immune system and help you lose weight.

Getting your five a day can be difficult when you are working hard and playing even harder. Often it seems easier to buy your food on the go rather than preparing it yourself at home. The bad thing about shop bought lunches is that they can be filled with all manner of hidden sugars, preservatives and other nasties. Don’t take a chance with your health and ensure that you prepare healthy and nutritious fruit and veg to go with every meal. Buy veggies in bulk, use them to make soups which can be frozen and used as and when needed. Finding your fruit a boring part of your healthy balanced diet? Prepare healthy dips such as hummus and low fat yoghurt to jazz up your fruit and veggies and ensure that you eat fresh with every meal.


  1. Say no to fast food


Balanced healthy diet

Saying no to fast food can quickly helo you lose inches from your waist line.

No one can deny that the odd bag of chips or burger is tasty and satisfies a craving however we can all cut down on junk food dinners. If you really must stop off at the local joint, ensure that you choose a healthier option. Swap your deep fried chicken for a lower fat grilled chicken and salad option. Ditch the dressing and order the smallest rather than the biggest supersizes. Take fruit juice or mineral water with your meal rather than calorie and sugar laden cola. You can do it!


  1. Dining out is the enemy of a healthy balanced diet


healthy balanced diet

Dining out regularly can impact your weight

Well this statement may not be necessarily true. It all depends on where you are dining out. Sushi is of course wonderfully healthy when compared to a big lasagna with chips and garlic bread! Going out for dinner is a treat and should not be a nightly occurrence. If you are too tired to cook when you get home, invest in a slow cooker so your dinner is ready and waiting for you on your arrival home. Cook in bulk and freeze the remainder so you always have a nutritious meal to come home to. Always have porridge and fruit on hand so breakfast time is easy and you will have something available to fill the family throughout the morning.


  1. Stop grazing!


healthy balanced diet

Grazing throughout the day is a big no no, cut this out and see serious results.

It is all to easy to graze when you are bored or in front of the TV. The secret to stopping this is to only eat when you are hungry and to stop eating just before you feel full. If you must snack in front of the television, choose a handful or seeds rather than a box filled with chocolates. Be aware of your appetite.


By following these four easy tips, you can get your new years started in the best way possible. Be in charge of your own body and eat a healthy balanced diet.

healthy balanced diet

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