Fruit Juice Should’nt be One Of Your Five A Day

Calorie Counting Accuracy Unless you eat food like this constantly, you are best to keep an eye on food labels for calorie accuracy.

Many of you will have heard of the ‘eat five portions of fruit and veg daily to stay healthy’ advice.

Fruit juice is often classed as one portion of your five a day, however a top health expert now thinks it shouldn’t be, Dr. Susan Jebb, a top health advisor to the government and an expert on dietary portions.

She stated: ‘Fruit juice is not the same as fresh fruit and nearly always has as much sugar added to it as regular fizzy drinks’.

She also stated that because the sugar is absorbed very fast by the body from fruit juice, by the time it reaches your stomach your body has a hard time differentiating between fruit juice and a fizzy drink.

If people want to continue drinking orange juice etc. it would probably be an idea to dilute it down and cut down the amount you drink.

Dr. Jebb stated that ‘eating fruit like an apple or an orange whole is much better for you because you are getting much more nutrients, fiber and a lot less sugar than if you had juice’.

The Department For Health stated that ‘Even though fruit juices do contain more naturally occurring sugars, the benefits outweigh the negatives’.

Why 5 A Day?

Based on the advice from the World Health Organization, who recommends eating a minimum of 400g of fruit and veg every day to lower the risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

As we know, fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin c as well as a source of dietary fiber, keeping you healthy and in tip top shape.

5 a day fruit and veg

Having a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables will really help your health going forward.

5 A Day Facts

  1. Potatoes don’t count because of the high starch content, which is a carbohydrate.
  2. Fruit and vegetables cooked in a dish such as stew, soup or pasta do not count.
  3. Beans and pulses count only as a portion, no matter if you eat one portion or twenty, they offer far less nutrients than other fruits and vegetables.
  4. Unsweetened juice counts as one portion a day, no matter what amount you drink, as it contains much mess fiber than whole fruit and vegetables.
  5. Fruit and vegetables help contribute to lowering the risk of heart disease, strokes and some cancers.
  6. Low in fat and calories.

In conclusion, cutting down your fruit juice intake and increasing your 5 a day regime will definitely have positive effects on your lifestyle and health.




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