Garcinia Cambogia, The Truth

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is also known as malabar tamarind. It is a small, sweet tropical tree fruit that is shaped like a pumpkin. In the late 60’s scientists discovered an acid in the fruit similar to citrus acid found in things like oranges and lemons.

The acid known as hydroxycitric acid or HCA has been up and down for the last 20 years and seen as a miracle weight loss supplement that has so far proven only effective in lab rats.

How is it looking now? Well since late 2012 HCA has gradually risen in popularity once again and many people around the world chat about Cambogia as if it is the greatest personal trainer, you have probably heard of many people asking if HCA is legit, kind of like asking if a screwdriver is legit, it all depends on the person using it, at the end of the day, HCA is a tool, and as with any tool, they only work when you know what to do with them.

In more recent years we have learned a great deal about HCA and I can show you below what it’s all about.

garcinia cambogia

Back in the 90’s this extract showed a lot of promise.

Early Promise

Originally gaining it’s initial popularity back in the early 90’s after several studies found it to cause weight loss in animals.

One thing we are aware of is that HCA blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase which helps convert sugars and starches into fats, blocking that enzyme and carbs get sent into energy production as opposed to fat storage, then when fat is burnt through effective training  there is less to replace it with and overall fat levels drop.

HCA also seems to help suppress appetite, not the same as a stimulant diet pill, it does increase the level of satiety you receive from food, no one is sure how it achieves this at the moment.

It has been suggested HCA causes a metabolic change, sending an appetite suppressing signal to your brain by hydroxytryptophan, an amino acid which is also a precursor to the feel good hormone serotonin, studies have a shown an elevated level of serotonin on individuals who took HCA supplements.

Impressive points, this was quickly discredited by a big study published in 1998 which said that HCA had no effect on humans.

Further research has shown different results and shown that HCA is still a serious contender in the weight loss supplement market.

garcinia cambogia

Taken properly it can actually work rather well.

How It’s Taken

It is definitely about the dosage that you take, you need enough citrate so that the extract reaches all of the zones of the body, you do need to prioritize it in order for it to work.

It’s the same old story with old vitamins studies, people took either the wrong dose or wrong form and then were quick to discredit the vitamin.

There are 3 different types of hydroxycitrates, those blended with calcium, potassium or magnesium salts. This is added to the degradation of free HCA into HCA lactone, an inactive compound form. These are usually added on 1 to 1 ratio commercially and make it easier for your body to absorb them.

A pure calcium hydroxycitrate will not work, hydroxycitrate bound to both calcium and potassium dramatically increases absorption and effectiveness.

A study was recently conducted with 30 healthy but overweight people aged 21-50 over 2 months, and then split into a placebo group and a HCA supplement group.

All subjects ate 2000 calories per day and walked 30 mins each day 5 days a week. The group given super citrimax, a patented HCA bound with calcium and pottassium lost an average of 12 pounds by the end of the study, whereas the placebo group lost just 3 pounds. Also the supplement group lost around 6.3% on their BMI compared to 1.7 % for the placebo group.

The HCA group also noticed almost double the serotonin levels, higher serotonin causes less cravings and a greater sense of calm, in another study 60 people where tested and the HCA group lost 10.5 pounds and the placebo group just 3.5 pounds.

An amazing result of the studies showed an average 16% reduction in food consumption which shows greater appetite control.

lose belly fat

Taking the supplement properly can actually yield some good results.

The Right Way To Supplement With HCA

Unfortunately it is all too easy to view supplements with the attitude that you will or wont take it, some supplements seem to produce results this way but how you take HCA does matter.

To get the most out of HCA follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Choose a supplement with a minimum 50% HCA and not made wholly of calcium salts, aloso make sure potassium/magnesium is present, a low lactone content is good as well.
  2. Make sure you take an adequate dose, a successful study found that a good dose was 1.5g 3 times a day before a meal. With 60% HCA that equates to 0.9g of HCA prior to each meal.
  3. Take the supplement on an empty stomach, (30-60 mins before a meal).
  4. Take the right dose at the right time or it won’t work.

Aim for 1,5g per dose but do not obsess over it as the doses come in a range of different mixes and potencies.

An empty stomach is best so HCA can work it’s magic and also acts well as an appetite suppressant.

Don’t be afraid to add Garcinia Cambogia to your regime, there are no known side effects and because it is not a stimulant your sleep or mood will not be affected.



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