Garcinia Extract And Weight Loss

Dieting has never been great, it flat out sucks in fact. Diet’s nearly always lead to cravings and hunger, many people find this so frustrating and just give up gaining all the weight back plus more, a popular supplement called Garcinia Cambogia Extract can help immensely here.

Many experts believe that it can help you lose weight and reduce appetite, even Dr.Oz, a famous tv doctor raves about it’s benefits touting it’s health benefits, stating it is ‘magic’, a ‘medical breakthrough’ and is ‘the key to successful weight loss’.

Never one to put something down before I have had first-hand experience with it, I decided to take a look at this ‘wonder’ drug and some of the science behind it.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

garcinia extract

A great extract in theory but does it work?

Garcinia is basically a plant, also known as Garcinia Gummi-Gutta.

The fruit of which looks like a small green pumpkin, used in many Asian dishes for it’s sour flavour, the skin of the fruit contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).

This is the substance in Garcinia that produces the weight loss effects.

Does It Really Work?

garcinia extract

Can it really shrink you down?

Several studies have been performed on rats and humans, some studies on rats found that it inhibited a fat-producing enzyme called Citrate Lyase, making it very difficult for the body to use carbs to turn into fat.

Other rat studies have found increased levels of serotonin, theoretically leading to reduced appetite and cravings.

Human Studies

garcinia extract

Human studies have been done already and it is safe, but what affect does this extract have?

The ones I could find where randomized drug trials, the biggest study was 135 overweight adults split into two groups:

Treatment Group:

3g of Gracinia Extract (1500mg of Hydroxycitric Acid) in 3 separate doses, 30 mins before meals.

Placebo Group:

This group just took tummy pills (placebo in other words).

Both groups were then set on a high-fiber, low-calorie diet, the study went on for 12 weeks and was published in the American Medical Association Journal, the results are below:

garcinia extract

Both groups did lose weight, the group taking the extract actually lost less weight than the placebo group (3.2kg/7 pounds vs. 4.1kg/9 pounds for the placebo group).

Another interesting result from the study was that the placebo group lost 2.16% bodyfat, whilst the extract group lost just 1.6%.

A Further Study

Another study I looked at was done with 89 overweight females where they lost 1.3kg/ 2.8 pounds more than the women on just a placebo, this was done over 12 weeks with no appetite difference noticed.

Another study found that it reduced belly fat and blood triglycerides but no weight loss.

Other studies viewed showed promising results of several pounds over a few weeks to no weight loss at all.

Overall it appears the results are inconsistent and not all that positive, if it does help anyone the effect is likely to be small and of no real significance.

This Is Very Safe

There are no serious side effects reported with this extract, just some possible mild digestive issues.

garcinia extract

May be not quite the miracle you had hoped for

In Conclusion

Overall then it would appear that whilst this may work for some people on a very limited basis, it is not the miracle cure that some people might believe, there are a few other more affective supplements such as green tea and caffeine, however the results are still similar to Garcinia Extract with little to no difference.

Good old-fashioned exercise and a good diet are the only real ways to make a difference in your weight and to actually lose some, Garcinia Extract is a great idea in theory buy lacks results. Please feel free to comment below with any comments or questions you may have.

garcinia extract


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