Get An Awesome Gym Workout With No Gym

There are plenty of healthy activities that do not require a gym.

I always thought the best workouts were to be found in a gym with all the barbells, dumbbells and benches, I would sometimes need to make sure there was a gym where I was staying on vacation first.

There are more options here than you might imagine. Whether you are on vacation or you are starting to feel as if the gym is becoming an enclosed dungeon you can still perform a fantastic workout with little to no equipment.

So next time you are on vacation or just wish to play outside, here are some cool workouts for you to try.

Easy Rules For Outdoor Workouts

Some of the best workouts take place outside in the fresh air and sunshine, there is just something so rewarding and liberating about working outside, perhaps it’s the fact that your nostrils aren’t getting constantly attacked with stale sweat, chalk dust and stale air.

As good as outdoor workouts are, they do still require a little bit of thought, the first rule of outdoor equipment is balance.

This is not about balancing on a wobble board, it’s about training all of your muscle groups equally. Most push more often than they pull, many women are guilty of focusing on their legs instead of their upper body, men are the other way around.

This can lead to muscle imbalances and bad posture so it is important to train each body part equally.

Just three of these exercises will provide a balanced, total-body workout, you must use what is around you in order to achieve this.

If you are near a hill then this would be perfect for a few sprints. Is there a sturdy bench? Great for step-ups and elevated push-ups.

If you are near a playground then even better. You can do many exercises here with a swingset and jungle gym. For example you can do push-ups, elevating your hands on playground equipment as necessary, pull-ups or inverted rows or even assisted pistol squats.

Forget the stuffy gym and sweaty workout equipment and head outside.

Fun Workouts With Little Equipment

If you can get hold of some kettlebells or dumbbells, you can be much more creative with your workouts. It’s about working with what you have got and not worrying about what you don’t.

If you only have a single kettlebell or dumbbell here is a sample workout you can try:

Single Dumbbell/Kettlebell Workout

Circuit 1 -Rear-foot elevated split squat with dumbbell held at shoulder – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuti 2- Bent-over single-arm dumbbell row – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuit 3 – Single-leg Romanian deadlift with dumbbell in opposite hand of working leg – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuit 4 – Close-grip push-up – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Perform 3-6 circuits or set a timer or do as many circuits as you can in 20-30 minutes.

Try this if you have access to two dumbbells or kettlebells:

Two-Dumbbell/Kettlebell Workout

Circuit 1 – Double kettlebell squat held in a rack position – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuit 2 – Renegade row – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuit 3 – Kettlebell swing with one or two ‘bells – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Circuit 4 – Standing shoulder press – 3-6 sets of 10-20 reps.

Perform 3-6 circuits or set a timer to do as many circuits as you can in 20-30 minutes.

It is amazing the results you can achieve even just working outside.

Another option which will always be favourable is to not work out at all, that doesn’t mean sitting around watching your favourite box sets, I mean going out to play, doing a workout that doesn’t actually feel like a workout at all.

Just take a look out of our window, goto a nearby park for a hike, go for a bike ride or even try longboarding. If you are close to a beach, you can swim, snorkel, take a long walk or even do sprints in the sand.

The specifics are less important than the truths, when you enjoy something, it is easy to make it into a hobby and fit hobbies make a healthy lifestyle the easiest thing in the world.

So you see you do not need to do a gym workout to get a good workout after all.

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