How Kim Kardashian Lost Weight After Pregnancy

weight loss after pregnancy Losing weight just like Kim after pregnancy is not easy but can be done with the right know how and attitude.


Despite having put on over 50 pounds during her pregnancy, Kim has managed to lose it all. A surprising fact considering how long it has been since she had her child North back in June.

Kim told the reporters for major magazines that ‘she has been religiously following her Atkins diet but still has the odd cheat day’.

We should all follow this bit of information if we can, having the odd cheat day is important to help keep us motivated in our diets and give us something to look forward to.

As a part of Kim’s daily routine she gets up every morning and performs 100 bodyweight squats, even now she is still looking to tone her body further despite being able to fit into many of the clothes she wore before pregnancy.Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

Much of her strong willed determination comes from the bullying she received whilst pregnant, a lot of body shaming went on sadly, ‘No woman should have to deal with that’ Kim stated in a recent interview.

Whilst she does have Kanye’s personal trainer and a specialist chef to help cook low-carb meals there is no reason you cannot adopt a similar policy, she is working out almost every day doing a lot of running and weight training, you should aim to also do this if you can. An odd cheat day is fine here and there to help keep you motivated.

Dancing With Friends

She has also started doing pole dancing lessons with friends Blac Chyna and Larsa Pippen at Sheila Kelleys S-Factor dance studio in Encino, California.

Whilst you may think of pole dancing as a bit unconventional or even sleazy this is not the case, it is not like you are performing the workout in front of a big group of guys at a seedy club somewhere, this is all done in a proper dance studio with mostly Female teachers and has the added benefit of burning about 250 calories an hour as well as strengthening and toning muscles and giving you greater flexibility.

Kim’s main weight loss plan was a high-fat ketogenic style diet consisting of between 1,800 – 2,200 calories per day with a limited carb intake of 60g maximum a day.

Many journalists and critics have criticized her sudden 50-pound plus weight loss but she has shunned them all stating ‘I work out so hard, I am proud of my accomplishments and no one is going to take that away from me.’

kim kardashian weight loss

Eating the right foods will help you lose weight and keep it off.

I think we can all learn something from Kim, a little determination and hard work proves that even what seems like the impossible can be done, a 50 pound weight loss in six months for instance is easily achievable with the right diet and exercise plan, check out my other articles in the healthy diet and weight loss sections above for tips on losing weight and how to keep it off.



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