How Louis Nix’s Weight Loss Could Help Him Gain Ground In NFL Draft

Louis Nix Weight loss

When describing his 23-pound weight loss, Notre Dame Indianapolis defensive tackle Louis Nix does not use the terms ‘slimmer’ or ‘thinner’.

The 6’2 331 pound former Raines standout had reporters laughing at the conference held last weekend (Feb 22 – 23) at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

‘My stomach doesn’t stick out as much, I like that part, my thighs got a bit smaller as well, I feel much sexier’. Louis’s weight is nothing to laugh at for NFL managers, he understood that his chances of being picked for the mid to late first round where pivotal on showing his team that he had the discipline to slim down.

‘I don’t mind my weight but people wanted me to slim down so I did’. ‘If somebody wants me to stay at 331 pounds, I will, if they want me to get sexier then I will, they did explain to me that it would be best if I got smaller so I guess I’m staying there’.

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The Cut

Louis Nix Weight Loss

Hopefully Louis will manage the cut ok going forward.

Nix started cutting out all his favorite fast foods and eating a lot of salad. ‘I enjoy my Five Guys and Cajun fries’ he said. ‘But I’m starting to like salads now, they have begun to taste good, no dressing, I eat it like chips, just picking it up’.

Louis has picked up plenty of opposing, offensive linesmen at Notre Dame, he started his career games of which he has done 30 for the Fighting Irish. Made 122 tackles (14 for a loss) and 2 1/2 sacks, he is touted as the best interior run defender as a nose tackle but could improve his chances by showing pass-rush ability.

Mark Mayock, an NFL network draft analyst said ‘can he gain an edge and push the pocket?’. ‘If you believe that then he is probably a top 20 pick, he’s a 330 pound nose tackle with some skills’.

Louis has impressive agility skills in drills, he showcased his lateral movements during Feb 24th on-field drills at the combine, in terms of straight line speed, he ran the 40-yard in 5.42 seconds.

Down And Out?

Louis Nix Weight Loss

Hopefully his knee injury won’ recur and create further issues.

Nix suffered a torn meniscus on his left knee back in November missing the last 5 games of the season, the combine has proved that Nix has recovered from this minor setback.

‘My knee is well, I can now run on it and do dance moves, i’m back to myself again but with less weight’.

Nix will continue training for the next test, Notre Dame’s pro day on March 20, he could help himself by improving his 40 time and maintaining a consistent weight.

‘He has good short-area quickness for his size, but he did have the knee incident last year, he didn’t play at a high level all the time, he has to be a bit lighter and maintain his weight. Mayock said.

Hopefully Louis Nix’s weight loss will help him gain further ground going forwards.

Louis Nix Weight Loss

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