How To Build Big Biceps After 40

Getting a body like Arnold may not be your goal but taking this advice for getting better arms is well worth considering after 40.

All things heard in the internet aside, for most guys turning 40 is no big deal, they go about their business without thinking about anything changing, usually many men suddenly feel the urge to start working out at the gym as advised by their doctor or partner and then realise that things have changed in a big way.

You deserve to look good and feel good without feeling like an outcast in the gym, getting comments on the big biceps you have built rather than just how much weight you have lost.

Get Reaquainted With The Barbell Curl

When you first start working out and you complete your first barbell curl you think the sky is the limit, low reps, high reps, 21s, reverse spider curls. You may even perform a sloppy clean and press but you’ll be impressed at doing curls.

Over the next few decades things start to change and pumping iron and curls become a thing of the past, a lot of the time in a gym you see the younger folk filling the free weight room and middle-aged people going from machine to machine trying to perform like a free weights session.

Eventually they get to thinking why would any man or woman pick up a barbell and do curls? eventually not having an answer.

Getting reaquianted with a barbell curl is very much worth considering, it is a really great way to get you back into the swing of things.

Every crossfitter knows that curling is a vanity exercise, big biceps do not enhance athletic performance or make you smarter or taller for that matter.

They also won’t get rid of a spare tire or improve your bad back, and if you believe all the people who don’t have them they can easily make you shallow, egotistical and prone to making your sleeves dance whilst waiting in line for something.

They are also a choice, something you can enjoy training and enjoy the results that go with it and quite handy if you ever get back into the mid-life dating scene.

Do anything you can to lose weight and feel good but don’t forget about the joy of curls.

If you want a great set of arms then it is time to get focused on concentrate on what you want.

Step Up To The Full Strength

When you’re in the gym it is time to get down to business, your brain will always try to convince you that things were the same as yesterday but this is just your ego talking. Things do change, follow this advice like your life depends on it.

Today, focus on the classic barbell curl. EZ-curl bar or straight?, the straight is better I think as that is what Mr. Schwarzenegger used but it is your choice, get the bar loaded up and ready for you to power it up.

Start by approaching the weights positively, get a firm grasp on the bar, take three deep cleansing breaths, breathing in and out hard just like a martial artist.

When your thoughts are clear and you are focused, pick that barbell up and curl it like it matters, like it’s the last chance you will ever get!.

This is the secret to how you do it after 40, you don’t try to isolate the muscle, instead, pull strength and tension from every fiber of your body and direct it at the weights. Lift that heavy weight with poise and purpose, that is the real secret, it’s how you fight back the years and clawback every ounce of your strength.

Decide here that this is the point that every single rep is going to count and you are strong enough to move this weight. You may have taken your strength and physique for granted before but not anymore, the ignorance of youth has just expired.

We all want great guns for the beach, what better way to get them than some exercise.

Wake Up And Take The Challenge

Life is definitely better with some resistance, when challenged you grow stronger. This is true to almost any part of life and even more so as you face getting older.

You can wait for challenges to make you reluctantly change course or you can take action now and actively develop you body, mind and soul through regular heavy weights.

You can choose either growth or deterioration, the choice is yours.

Rediscover Arm Training

Train your arms three times per week for the next six weeks, immediately after any other training, alternating these three workouts:

Workout 1, Heavy Arms

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

2 sets of 6-8 reps, 120 second rest.

Barbell Curl

2 Sets of 6-8 reps, 120 second rest.

Workout 2, Bodybuilder-Style Arms

Lying Triceps Press

4 Sets of 8-10 reps, 90 seconds rest.

Incline Dumbell Curl

4 Sets of 8-10 reps, 90 seconds.

Workout 3, Fast-Paced Superset

Triceps Pushdown

3 Sets of 12 reps.

Dumbbell Alternative Bicep Curl

3 Sets of 12 reps, 60 seconds rest.

So even after 40 years of age you can still build big biceps and arms without any problems if you really set your heart on it.


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