How To Burn Upto 300 Calories In Minutes

burn calories in minutes

Conditioning is just as important for the body as the weight training itself, and can be done in no time at all out of your day.

The biggest part of fat loss is burning more calories each day than you take in, many people fail on their fat loss goals not because they do not work hard enough in the gym but because they live a sedentary lifestyle the rest of the time in their day-to-day lives.

People who live an active day-to-day life often burn more calories than gym goers, going to the gym is great for weight loss and muscle-building but keeping active outside of the gym is important too, to get you started here are some activities you can be doing that can burn anything upto 300 calories in just mere minutes, you can pick how much to burn and adjust for your day accordingly.

Assuming you do not consume additional foods, you can burn off 1 pound by adding a 100 calorie exercise to your day per month. A 200 calorie activity will double that and a 300 calories one will see 3 whole pounds gone in one month. The actual calories you do burn will depend on your weight, muscle mass and how well each activity is done, these are based on a 135 pound woman here.

Burn 100

The 100 calorie burn is good for people with little time, try to string several together in a day, this is also good for people with a low-level of fitness, these also aren’t too taxing so don’t worry about them interfering with your recovery.

1. Power Walk Upon Waking (15 Minutes)

A brisk walk first thing in the morning will rev up your metabolism and increase energy for the day ahead, drink plenty of water and take in some BCAA’s to help with energy and prevent muscle loss.

2. Dance With Your Other Half (20 Minutes)

Take your partner out for an evening dance to kill the work week stress and also boost your fitness.

3. Do Stretching And Calisthenics Whilst Watching TV In The Evening (30 Minutes)

Watching tv really is the lowest calorie burner that you can do, rev up your metabolism by focusing on flexibility boosters instead, add in a few crunches or push ups to boost calories spent.

4) Reduce Rest Period from 60 Seconds To 30

Reducing your rest between sets will increase your post-workout calorie burn up to 48 hours. The boost you get will depend on workout intensity, multi-joint moves with moderate weight are best.

burn calories in minutes

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to improve cardio and burn calories.

5) Use The Stairs Rather Than An Elevator At Work (6 Times)

Taking the stairs will not only burn calories but also boost energy levels as well as strengthening Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves.

6) Park Up And Walk

Walking more often will boost daily calorie burn, instead of finding the closest parking spot to the building, park a bit further away and increase walking distance.

Maybe even invest in a pedometer to wear throughout the day and work on beating the previous days steps.

7) Rake The Front Lawn (18 Minutes)

This is a good household task for increasing upper body strength  as well as burning calories quickly, lunging into the movement will help work the lower body as well.

burn calories in minutes

Cooking healthy for your family helps you stay in shape too.

8) Cook A Healthy Dinner Meal For The Family (34 Minutes)

Take a night out of the week to cook something special for your family, cooking for just half an hour will burn up to 100 calories.

9) Window Shopping With A Friend (25 Minutes)

Instead of just sitting for a coffee burning off next to no calories, go for a brisk walk instead, keeping moving.

10) Forearm Flex At Your Desk (3 Minute Intervals, 5-6 Sets)

This is a great way to burn calories and improve forearm grip at work, just perform 40-50 squeezes when you have a moment, doing this 5-6 times a day will mean improved grip strength and improved performance at the gym.

Burn 200

Getting rid of 200 calories requires a little bit more effort but you should still be able to fit it into your days.

1) Bike Ride With The Family (35 Minutes)

Cycling really does help improve lower body strength and improves cardio fitness too.

Burn Calories In Minutes

Supersetting in the gym with multiple exercises can easily help burn off much more in calories.

2) Supersetting In The Gym (35 Minutes)

Instead of the usual workout protocol, consider two exercises back to back only resting after performing both moves. You can even create a real challenge by supersetting a multi-joint and single-joint move using the same muscle group such as dumbbell presses for your chest and then dumbbell flys.

3) Scrub The Floors (40 Minutes)

It’s not all fun, but floor washing is a great way to work your core, upper and lower body. Your floors will be clean and you will have added more activity to your day.

4) Mow The Front And Back Lawn (35 Minutes)

Cutting the lawn each week is a great way to build up fitness. Using a push mower burns around 200 calories in just over 30 minutes.

5) Play Tennis (26 Minutes)

This is a fast paced game that will burn calories, improve hand-eye coordination as well as strengthen the core, arms and lower body.

6) Walk Your Dog On A Park Trail (40 Minutes)

Your pet needs fitness just as you do, take your dog out every evening after a meal and watch that fat burn increase.

Burn Calories In Minutes

Going outside and getting some fresh air is all anybody needs really to keep you active during an office work day.

7) Leave The Office For Lunch (30 Minutes)

Instead of using your time eating, use it to go for a walk or jog instead, eat your lunch before or after. The fresh air will stimulate you and prepare for the hard work in the afternoon, in winter the extra light will help improve your mood too.

8) Bowl Three Games (60 Minutes)

This is great to do with friends and also burns calories at the same time.

9) Play Beach Volleyball (23 Minutes)

This is a great lower body workout as the sand is harder to push against, perfect hot weather calorie burner.

10) Skip Rope Outside (17 minutes)

Skipping rope is fun and burns calories, more so than running actually as your upper arms are so heavily involved, this is a great break from your usual cardio routine.

Burn Calories In Minutes

Getting back in shape doesn’t have to be impossible if you just set aside a bit of time to do some extra exercises.

Burn 300

For those wanting to triple the calories burned, there are 10 more activities to choose from. Many of these are more or less full workouts so be sure to plan an off day from your strength training sessions.

1) Cross Country Skiing (18 Minutes)

Not many activities can burn as many calories as cross-country skiing. This works your legs, core and arms whilst breaking a sweat in cold weather, you’re going to burn off some serious fat with this.

2) Rollerblading On A Sunny Day (26 Minutes)

Rollerblading on a warm day is a great way to get your heart rate up as well as working your quads and glutes to the max. It will also help burn calories very effectively. Make sure you know how to stop.

3) A Rock Climbing Class (36 Minutes)

This is a good challenge. This will really strengthen up your upper body as well as boosting core strength.

4) Ultimate Frisbee (48 Minutes)

A game best enjoyed in a group so it is perfect for a large BBQ or get together. Keep the pace up to burn calories quickly.

Standing deasks are becoming much more popular than they used to.

5) Invest In A Standing Desk (8 Hours)

A very popular item at the moment is the standing/walking desk allowing standing or walking all day long rather than sitting. This will help burn excess calories and reduce the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time, this can be a win win for the office worker.

6) Clear The Path And Driveways Of Snow (38 Minutes)

This is not just one of the best wintertime calorie burning activities, it also helps your family out too. Make sure to bend your knees and not your back so as to stress your muscles properly.

7) Afternoon Kayaking (52 Minutes)

A great activity you can do in a short afternoon to work the upper body and your core. Prepare for a challenge if this is new to you.

8) Play Baseball (90 Minutes)

A great summertime sport, great when you don’t feel like going down the gym for some cardio.

9) A Walk Along The Beach (55 Minutes)

If you are lucky to live near a beach take advantage of this by going for regular walks. When you’re in the sand and not the pavement you are working the calves and lower body muscles much more.

Burn Calories In Minutes

When losing weight, above all else just keep moving, that is what burns the calories.

10) Clean Your Car In And Out (60 Minutes)

Keep your car clean as part of your active lifestyle, washing in and out of your car can easily burn 300 calories.

As you can see it is actually pretty easy to burn up to 300 calories in just a matter of minutes and this doesn’t actually take up much time in your day so is easy to accomplish.

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