How To Eat Healthy And Get Rid Of Food Guilt

How To Eat Healthy

Losing weight is easy when you set your mind to it and figure out all the pitfalls.

Many people want to know how to eat healthy and banish those annoying food guilts, I have been the same.

I’ve spent countless hours carefully preparing pre-packed food for each day, finding time to break up my meals throughout the day for ultimate muscle growth and a defined stomach.

One small mistake and I felt terrible, punishing myself for the smallest discretion, eventually with the help of a friend I broke this unhealthy lifestyle with food and rid myself of the negative thoughts in my mind that weren’t doing me any favours.

If you are facing a similar situation then don’t worry there is a way out, when negativety begins to come to mind I try one of the below 4 measures to counteract it and this helps profoundly:

1) Accept Diet Mistakes And Move On

Most people susceptible to food guilt are the ones following strict diet plans, in the beginning everything is done religiously without a hiccup then a night with friends seems to undo their plans and portions start to get out of control.

Everything will be ok, one small mistake does not mean you have failed nor does it mean you should start binge eating.

What’s done is done, there is no point in having hang-ups that increase your anxiety and guilt.

Acknowledge that you have made a mistake and move on, do not dwell on something so meaningless.

How To Eat Healthy

It isn’t the end of the world after one little mistake.

2) Being A Perfectionist Is Not Realistic

Nobody is perfect, everyone from fitness professionals to top models occasionally drops off their program. don’t let them make yo believe otherwise.

The perfect diet just doesn’t exist, people make mistakes that is what makes us human, life us for enjoying, not for being prisoner to a diet.

Learn to forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, when you do this there is no room for guilt.

3) Mindfully Look At Your Situation


We sometimes get caught up in fitness mishaps that you feel like that is it for your body and fitness but does this type of thinking really deserve any of your energy?

In your mind the situation can seem a lot worse than it actually is, try to think about whether the odd slice of cake or a pint of beer will really ruin your goals long-term.

If your daily nutritional habits are healthy and consistent, the odd diet mistake won’t harm you, aim for 85-90% of all your nutrition to be healthy.

How To Eat Healthy

If you want to see results, it is time to ditch the negative thinking and start thinking positively.

4) Want To Know Whether To Indulge Or Not? Answer Quickly

If you must cheat on your diet` then do it and move on, no point in letting it ruin your day. Healthy eating is eating so it pleases your palate, helps you toward your physique and fitness goals and allows you to enjoy life.

Being healthy is about finding joy and balance in the things you do and eat.

Life is far too short to walk around in regret, forgive yourself and move on, these negative emotions are not worth your energy or happiness.

Now you should know how to eat healthy whilst getting rid of any food guilt at the same time.

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