How To Increase Your Metabolism

Bodybuilding You can never expect instant results with weight loss or bodybuilding but the results do come with patience.

So you’ve decided to enjoy the warm summer months with your new toned body but time is passing quickly and you still seem to be sporting some excess winter weight, you only have a few weeks to prepare before your holiday so set off looking for that perfect intense diet plan, this is where you need to be careful.

If you do a quick-fix type of crash diet then you could actually do more harm than good, many people ruin their metabolism daily with these mad diets. Many of them are actually trying to increase their metabolism but in fact do the opposite.

Your metabolism dictates how many calories you will burn in a day and if it is sluggish then your fat burning engine will be as well, avoid these few mistakes and correct the problem.

1) Bad Protein Intake

A lot of people who diet fail to keep their protein intake up so this drops down with the calories, however protein should be kept high.

When you reduce your calorie intake you should increase the amount of protein consumed, this helps to prevent muscle mass loss which if it happens will slow your metabolism since muscle is a metabolically active tissue.

As calories are restricted you should aim to consume between 1-1.5 g of protein per pound of body weight a day. This maintains lean muscle mass and stops your body from dipping into vital amino acids.

If you start a big diet at the wrong time this can also spell disaster for your waist line.

If you start a big diet at the wrong time this can also spell disaster for your waist line.

2) Dieting Too Soon

A huge mistake to make is to start dieting before you have a good base of solid lean muscle mass, especially if you are pretty lean already.

If you have a lot of fat to lose then it is a good idea to lose a bit before you start building muscle.

If you are looking to go from lean to ripped with not much muscle on your frame then you are better off doing a clean bulking phase first.

The more added muscle you have the more metabolic advantages you have, if dieting to reveal a shredded physique then you need a good base of lean muscle to achieve this.

How To Increase Your Metabolism

Doing too much cardio can also mean you will hit a brick wall much sooner.

3) Too Much Cardio

If you one of those people who spends hour upon hour every week in the gym doing low-intensity cardio then stop!.

Cardio is important but doing so much just to see increased results is not the answer, eventually your body will adapt to all the exercise and you will hit a brick wall and not see anything new in terms of results.

Instead of all that time in the gym start doing high intensity interval training on a shorter basis and make sure your diet is decent and you will actually see even better results than ever before.

How To Increase Your Metabolism

Never sacrifice a good nights sleep for some extra work out time.

4) Sleep Traded For Training

When you are in pursuit of your ultimate goal you will ramp up your workouts to maybe twice a day, but this should never come at the cost of sleep.

When you do too much something has to give way and this is usually by way of a weaker metabolism and insulin sensitivity, a good nights sleep makes sure both of these things are upto the job.

A lack of sleep will also make you low on energy which you need for the ultimate intense workout, 8 hours of sleep per night is perfect for fat loss optimization.

How To Increase Your Metabolism

Going from normal eating to an extreme diet is a bad move especially over time.

5) Yo-Yo Dieting

This is where things get tricky, you achieve your desired weight and the body you wanted so now you start to add the odd banned item of food back onto your list but before too long your entire diet is now filled with the exact foods you were trying to do away with.

In anger at yourself you jump back onto an intense diet which damages the body and ruins the metabolism over time.

Every yo-yo diet attempt will have your body going back and forth until you do not get any success at all.

Work towards a diet that you can commit too and be able to stick to the healthy eating habits, a binge meal is ok but a binge meal can set you a long way back.

Hopefully if you do the above right then you can increase your metabolism once again and get the weight and body you want.

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