How To Look Amazing At 40

Whilst my older brother recently turned 40 he saw a commercial on tv that he mistook for a public service announcement at first basically advertising a product to men around his age. The ad basically warned of low testosterone as you get older and how it affects your body, many people give up and think what is the point letting their body deteriorate with age, you do however have a choice.

You can still look amazing at 40 and over, this can be tricky as you get older but it certainly is not impossible, you just have to take it a little bit more seriously than you did when you were 16 when your body could run on literally anything, start following these principles and you will soon find you can out pace and out perform your younger self.

Look Amazing At 40

No matter your age, you can still make a difference to how you look and feel.

The Do’s For Over 40 Fitness

1)  Keep Workouts Simple

Many people from this generation have been taught to train using a strict split routine maybe isolating individual body parts each day, this is a great way to train but not the only way. When you get into your 40’s it becomes harder to maintain, getting behind on your program can mean it is hard to catch up, meaning skipped workouts and disappointment. This is why full body training and movements are so great.

To begin with focus on building your proficiency in the basics like squats, pull-ups and push-ups, there is no need to make it more complicated than it needs to be, these basic exercises are actually the foundation of any good strength training, once you have become accustomed to these you can start adding in rows, lunges and dips. Finally just throw in some ab flexion and back extension and then you have all you really need.

My brother has done only variations of these exercises for years and says he is in the best shape of his life.

2) You Have To Work Hard

If the exercise doesn’t feel hard it won’t be, good results never come without hard work. Sweat, soreness and a faster heart rate are all part of getting better, it should not be effortless.

Be careful of fitness systems that promise easy results, fitness after 40 has to be earned there is no easy route I’m afraid, this is what makes it even better when you achieve it.

muscle growth

Make your workout routine consistent so you have a regular plan that will help you move forward.

3) Be Consistent

A lot of the time it is all too easy to over think your workout. Many questions get thought about such as ‘should I train Monday through Thursday?’, ‘run Friday’ and ‘Take a class Saturday’ or even worse you can think of talking yourself out of a workout altogether, the easiest way to think about it is to train more days than you don’t, if you didn’t get working out yesterday then do it today.

Consistency and frequency are much more important than duration when it comes to wellbeing. It is good to work out 3-5 days a week, sometimes for 20 mins but never more than 90.Move around every day and that is it.

4) Putting The Good Stuff In Your Body

Another funny thing around the age of 40 is we start telling our kids to eat plenty of fruits and veg which will make them big and strong, give them vital nutrients and very tasty if given half a chance.

The simple answer here is led by example, eat out of fewer packages, cook more meals, have less sugar and drink more water.

With modern medicine and procedures keeping people going much longer it doesn’t sound as great as it should, but rather than taking cholesterol meds every day have a salad, good things in our bodies will help prevent disease rather than having to treat it.

This does not mean anyone over 40 must have a strict diet regime the rest of their lives, just make it most of the time, 80-90% of the time is a great thing to aim for.

Look Amazing At 40

There is no need to eat an enormous cake to treat yourself, you can go out and see the world too.

5) Treat Yourself Well

Don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge tub of ice cream, it can be a fun excursion or trip out even just some down time.

We have to pay our dues in life but you have to make sure you love life too.

The Don’ts For Over 40 Fitness

1) No Excuses

We often convince ourselves that we don’t have time to make a healthy choice, this isn’t true you can make time it’s what you choose to do with it that counts.

You are more than likely to have many responsibilities at this time of life than when you were in your mid-20’s, jobs and families consume so much time, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it actually adds value to the time you do have, and the I have found the busiest people are the ones who train.

2) Don’t Expect A Miracle Straight Away

If it took 20 years to put on that excess weight don’t expect it to disappear right away either, a transformation will not happen instantly. As you get older living fitness becomes much more important.

Consistency and daily effort should be your mantra for the day, with time, dedication and hard work the results will come.


It is pointless trying to compete with someone else, just do what challenges you, not to keep up with someone else.

3) Don’t Concern Yourself With Anyone But Yourself

Nearly always when you turn on the tv or read a magazine you see various weight loss competitions making unrealistic claims. Next thing you know everyone at work is competing in a body transformation contest.

In real fitness you are the only competition, committing to all that hard work and dedication over a long period of time requires that you can look in the mirror and know why you’re doing this. When it comes to staying lean, strong and powerful do it for yourself.

4) Don’t Waste Time

Many people unfortunately waste time in the gym, they don’t mean too, this isn’t totally your fault. Many modern fitness gyms are designed to waste time, look around the next time you go down, so many tv’s, items for sale and other distractions, focus seems to have shifted to wasting as much time as possible rather than working out.

You can however maximise efficiency, get to know the gym inside and out, doing circuit training,supersetting as well as self-stabilizing bodyweight and free weight movements instead of benches or machines will help you make the most of your time, getting more done in less time.

Look Amazing At 40

See the results for yourself, within a few short months of working hard

5) Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Anybody can come across as legitimate if they have a fancy website with lots of traffic each month, a nice flashy website does not validate its content nor does how aggressively or forcefully someone gets across their view.

When it comes to fitness the only thing that proves something is good is if it works for you. You have to experiment for yourself making sure to employ common sense and reason so don’t believe everything you read as it may not always work for you.

Hopefully all these tips will help you look your best at 40 and look truly amazing for your age.89 i

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