How To Lose Belly Fat And Get A Flatter Stomach

The amount of fat around your middle affects your health, you have visible rock hard abs already, there is always a little bit of fat on your belly, however like most of it you may find it very hard to shift, so here are a few pointers to help you on your way. These tips will definitely help you get a flatter stomach.

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Starting these easy to do quick techniques can take you to a new lighter life.

The Location

Everybody stores fat in two ways, one of them is visible, the other is not.

The fat you can see on the tummy, buttocks, thighs etc. is known as subcutaneous fat under the skin. Then there is the other kind which is bad for you health, this fat is much deeper inside you and tends to stick to internal organs like the heart, liver and lungs etc. this is known as visceral fat. Nearly everybody is self conscious about the fat they can see on the surface but it should be the fat underneath you should be concerned with even thin people can suffer from this.

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The fat in your body does have the benefit of acting like a cushion for your organs.

Kind Of Like Another Organ


All of our bodies contain visceral fat, it is needed to help cushion vital organs.

The fat unfortunately isn’t just there, it actually generates various different nasty substances, having too much of it can cause all kinds of problems like high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and certain cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer.

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Visceral fat can creep up on you quickly without you realizing.

How Excess Visceral Fat Is Gained

When a body becomes obese it starts to run out of places to store fat so begins storing it around your organs like the heart or liver.

The kind of problem this creates is, fatty liver disease used to be very rare in non-alcoholics, but with obesity on the rise you now have people whose normal fat deposit areas are full and the fat starts to distribute itself around the organs instead. In addition to this more fat is being sent to the heart area.

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Check your waist to see how at risk you are.

Check Your Risk

The best way to check on your visceral fat levels is to get a CT or MRI scan, you don’t however need this to determine if the visceral fat inside you is affecting your health.

Stand up and measure your waist, to be within a healthy range women should have 35 inches or less on there waist and men 40 inches.

For instance in women, having a pear shape is considered safer than an apple shape, if you have more abdominal fat it is a clear indicator that you have more visceral fat too.

Do Thin People Suffer With Visceral Fat Too?

Absolutely, thin people can still have too much visceral fat, a lot of it is to do with genes, some people have a tendency to store more visceral fat than others.

It also has to do with how much physical activity you do, visceral fat is attracted to inactivity, in fact studies have shown that people who maintain there weight through a regular diet instead of exercise have much higher levels of visceral fat, the best thing to do is get exercising regardless of your size.

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Exercise is just one great way to lose some excess belly fat


4 Steps To Belly Fat Busting Success

There are four elements for controlling belly fat, they are: exercise, diet, sleep and stress management, let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:

Exercise: Hearty exercise trims fat, this also includes visceral fat. Exercise can also slow down the build up of visceral fat that tends to happen over the years. Don’t think about spot-reducing exercises as these do not target visceral fat, in fact there are no moves that target visceral fat.

Half an hour of vigorous aerobic exercise four times per week is the perfect medium.

  • Jog if your already fit or even walk briskly on an incline, workouts on fixed bikes and rowers are also equally as good.
  • Moderate activity – Raising your heart rate for 30 mins at least 3 times a week also helps, this will restrict how much visceral fat you gain but to lose it you will need to step up your workouts a bit.

If you are not already active then check with your doctor first before starting anything new, if you can’t get to a gym then just change this with cycling outdoors, maintaining the garden and household etc.

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Having a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables will really help your health going forward as well as your waistline.

Diet: There is no special diet for belly fat loss but when you do diet it tends to go from your stomach area first. A fiber rich diet can also help, research has found that people who eat 10g  of soluble fiber every day tend to gain the least amount of visceral fat over time as easy as two small apples or a cup of green peas.

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A good night’s sleep can help your workout and your waistline.

Rest: Getting the right amount of sleep definitely helps, people who sleep 5 to 7 hours of sleep per night gained the least visceral fat over 5 years compared to others who had less than 5 or more than 8.

Stress: Sadly we can’t avoid stress but there are good ways to manage it effectively, people who are stressed do not make the best food choices.

Find ways to handle stress like regular exercise, turning to friends and family for help, also meditating is good.

If you don’t have loads of time then try to aim for at least one of these items above, exercise is your best option as it tackles obesity and stress all in one.

These tips should help you lose some excess belly fat in a short space of time, please feel free to comment below.


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