How To Lose Excess Water Weight

Bodybuilding You can never expect instant results with weight loss or bodybuilding but the results do come with patience.


An average person is usually plagued with excess water weight and this can be for a number of reasons, mainly lifestyle, however if you have a big event coming up that you simply must look your best for then follow these easy steps for a quick way to lose that excess water weight quickly and safely, the water weight loss will peak in 3 to 4 days.


lose water weight

Drinking plenty of water can a have a major positive impact on your health

Drink More Water: This is a hard fact to accept but your body retains more water when you are not getting enough, a distinct lack of water affects your kidneys and liver, reducing there effectiveness at burning fat. Your body will not have the fluid required to flush out the toxins so will automatically hold onto more water making you bloated.

  • Drinking more water can help bring the fully balanced and rid the body of water retention.
  • Water pushes fresh fluids into your cells so that your body can get rid of old waste through your sweat, breath, feces and urine.
  • Water does boost your metabolism a little bit too, a well-hydrated body will run much more efficiently and able to burn off excess weight easier.
  • Being fully hydrated can stop constipation and associated problems as it tends to clear being bloated etc.

Sip Slowly: The best method you can use is to sip small amounts of water slowly throughout the day, suddenly dumping a gallon of water into your stomach does not help you, as it is just sent straight to your bladder with only a small amount absorbed.


lose water weight

This sort of diet will not only reduce health risks like diabetes but also make you feel and look a whole lot better.

Salt Intake: This has an immediate effect on your body as salt intake dictates how your kidneys control water retention in the body. Too much salt in your diet will cause your body to hold onto more water giving you that bloated look.

  • You should consume less than 1500mg of sodium per day.
  • Avoid very salty foods like snack foods like chips, dips etc. and condiments like ketchup etc.
  • Check for hidden salts in processed foods and fast foods, eating fresh foods is best as opposed to canned or processed foods.
  • Stay well clear of MSG , often found in chinese food, very unhealthy and packed full of sodium.
  • To drop weight even faster make your sodium intake less than 1000mg per day, this will require careful planning but can be done by calculating the sodium serving in each product.

Eat a high fiber/high in potassium breakfast: Mix in raisins, banana and milk with oatmeal, potassium helps the kidneys to get rid of waste.

  • Pick a cold or hot cereal like oatmeal or a wheat cereal high in fiber to get rid of constipation, a common cause of bloating.
  • Don’t loads of fiber too fast to your diet as this can make the bloating problem worse.
lose water weight

Eating lots of fruit and veg can aid water weight loss massively.

Fruit And Veg: These contain loads of water, they are also high in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, these strengthen tissue and reduce the chances of capillaries leaking into surrounding tissue spaces.

  • Fruits with the most bioflavonoids are brightly or darkly colored orange, red, green, purple, blue and yellow.
  • Fruits that contain a lot of water are watermelon, oranges, cantelope, grapefruit, peaches, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries.
  • Drink some fresh juice like cranberry juice this is well known for it’s diuretic properties, drinking too much though can add lots of extra sugar calories to your diet so an unsweetened juice might be the answer.
  • Eat cucumbers. they are not only diuretic, they are also a natural laxative, so can aid temporary weight loss, rich in sulfur and silicon, these can help rid the kidneys or uric acid.


lose water weight

Yogurt is great for protein intake and healthy weight loss.


Yogurt:  Although yogurt has a high water content it has more to offer than that, it also helps promote good bacteria in the gut, preventing excess gas and bloating. Broth Soups: Cook some home-made veg in a pan so that you have a meal that is not only filling but also full of water. Tinned soups tend to be very high in sodium so look for canned soups low in sodium, be sure to read the label for sodium amounts.

  • Only eat broths, purees, chowders and cream soups are high in saturated fats and calories.

Caffeine: cola, tea and coffee are diuretics and mild laxatives, eliminating water from the body, only drink them in small quantities, don’t drink enough to cause dehydration.

Low-Carb: A low-carb diet leads to natural water loss in the body and also aids faster weight loss than the numbers show. Diuretics With Caution: Medications sometimes referred to as water pills can be purchased over the counter or by prescription to help cut down fluid retention. An important note is that taking diuretics and ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs at the same time can cause kidney damage.



lose water weight

Regular exercise will help sweat out salts and water from your body, reducing water weight.

Move It!: Exercise naturally creates perspiration which eliminates water weight, you lose the excess water weight as well as the sodium which causes the bloating etc.

  • Exercise widen blood vessels, this lets more fluid to the kidneys to be excreted.
  • A regular workout routine with 30 – 40 mins exercise per day can help combat constipation, water retention and also increases your metabolic rate.

Sweat: Sweating is a quick way of temporarily losing water weight, it opens up the pores, cleaning them out and releasing water and salts.

  • Water weight lost during sweating is regained again when you stock back up your water levels.
  • You should not use a sauna if you have pre existing halth problems like a heart condition or kidney problems, always consult a doctor first.
  • Do not use a sauna for longer than 20 mins.

Lifestyle Changes

lose water weight

A good night’s sleep can help your workout and your waistline.

Rest: Getting enough sleep is key to losing water weight, you should aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night, getting enough sleep will make your body run at it’s peak. This will in turn allow the body to utilize water to the extent that it can be burned efficiently, this is not so easy when your body is unrested and sluggish.

Cycle Tracking: When women’s hormonal changes it can cause bloating 7 to 10 days prior to menstruation, much higher levels of progesterone and estrogen causing salt retention and water retention in the bodies tissue. Keeping track of your bodies cycles will allow you to plan ahead with regards to your diet and keep water weight gain to a minimum.

  • Almost 90%  of menopausal women experience hormonal shift which causes weight gain, a lot of this weight gain is caused by decreased progesterone levels which causes bloating from water retention.
  • Replacement hormones such as estrogen can cause significant bloating and weight gain.


Vitamins And Minerals: Not taking in enough calcium, magnesium or potassium in the diet can cause water retention, you should try take in the following:

  • Potassium – 3,500mg a day, this is easily attained by eating 5portions of fruit and veg a day, a lot of potassium is lost in cooking so steam, roast or grill the veg to get the most from them.
  • Magnesium – 400mg a day, nuts, legumes and wholegrain supply the most magnesium. Green vegetable and bananas are good food sources.
  • Calcium – It is good to aim for 1000 to 1500mg per day, one quart of skimmed milk contains 1,400 mg of calcium.
  • Vitamin B6 leads to a reduction in water retention by helping the liver process estrogen and progesterone hormones, helping balance sodium levels. Adults shold take between 1.2 and 1.7mg of B6 every day.
lose water weight

Acupuncture int he rigth places on your body can have a significant effect on how much water you retain.

Acupuncture: It is believed that there are four pressure points on the body associated with water retention, you can put pressure on these area yourself or get a licensed professional to do it.

  • Sea Of Energy – two finger widths below the belly button.
  • Shady Side Of The Mountain – Inside of the leg below the knee, under the large bone bulge.
  • Three Yin Crossing – four finger withs above the ankle bone on the back inner border of the shin bone, never stimulate this area when pregnant at the 8 or 9 month stage.
  • Illuminated Sea – One thumb width below the inside of the ankle bone.

Get A Checkup – Although retention is usually harmless and caused by issue discussed here, in some cases weight gain can be a sign of blood clots, blood pressure issues, allergies, liver, lung and kidney diseases. See your doctor if continued bloating, swelling and discomfort ensue.

If you follow this guide then you will find that losing water weight which has been excessive, please feel free to comment below and also take a look at my other articles regarding weight loss and toning up.


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