How To Lose Weight Without Working Out

HiiT Workout Listen to your body, it is all too easy to overtrain.

Most people these days have life very easy, as the 21st century rolled around technology has helped make our lives a lot easier, thanks in part to the Internet going mainstream and nearly everybody now owning a computer with Internet access lots of things we used to get up and go do are now taken care of for us, saving us time, but also a lot of exercise.

When was the last time you went go pick up a takeaway as opposed to having it delivered? when was the last time you walked to a local shop to get a loaf of bread? when was the last time you even cut the lawn yourself?

These are just a few tasks that are now being rendered obsolete in day-to-day life and are actually depriving us of useful fat burning exercise.

Unfortunately many people just don’t realize how sedentary there life has actually become, with the gradual ‘ratcheting’ down of many people’s daily lives, with the average adult now expending around 300 to 700 calories a day less than there parents did, a recent study found that people who regularly move or fidget throughout the day (e.g. tapping there feet, prefer standing to sitting etc.) expel up to 350 calories more per day, that equates to around 37 pounds a year!

The good news is that getting simple activity back into your daily routine is an easy, effective way to tone up, burn calories and get into shape and lose weight without working out!200x200-CFL-279

The steps to take

  1. Increase the intensity of your daily routine – from walking the dog, vacuuming to dusting, step up all your daily activities, put on a bit of music and do your activities in rigorous bursts.
  2. Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, take the stairs instead, lifting your own bodyweight up and down stairs is an effective workout everyday that most people never take advantage of.
  3. Practice standing tall, to improve your posture try this girdle shoulder crunch technique, stand or sit with your arms at your side, palms facing forward, visualize something wedged between your shoulder blades and squeeze your shoulders together as if you were trying to hold the item in place, do this for 6 seconds, rest and then repeat 11 more times, do this everyday.
  4. Getting somebody else to carry your shopping for you is a missed opportunity for strength and cardio training right there, especially if you have a flight or two of stairs to climb, aim to balance the weight of bags on each arm so as you stand evenly, even if it means making a few trips, when carrying luggage, aim to pack two smaller cases instead of one big one so that you can carry them.
  5. Replace your office desk chair with an exercise ball, your core muscles will be working out all day to support your body from falling off, giving you a great core workout whilst you work.
  6. Go the extra mile so to speak, instead of using the nearest snack machine, toilet or parking space to the door, make it so you have to go a little further each time and if possible climb stairs to get there.
  7. Set some sort of timer when sat at your desk to go off every hour, when it does, stand up and sit down slowly 4 times, this will give you a good stretch and improve circulation, you’ll be doing four squats an hour, that’s 32 a day!, it is also a great way to strengthen your lower body.
  8. When waiting for that document to print or for your computer to download a big file, do a stretch (both hands behind head, open elbows and lean back), balance on one leg or even do buttock squeezes, all will aid your daily routine.

So if you are wanting to lose some weight without ever stepping foot in a gym and working out then use my nice simple guide above.

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