How To Stop Binge Eating

stop binge eating

changing your attitude towards eating will make a big difference to your diet plans.

Were all guilty of saying ‘I’ll be good today and just have a salad, avoiding all the sugary junk foods’. Or even ‘I’ve been so bad today, I’ll have to work extra hard to burn this off at the gym’, sound familiar?, it’s time to stop binge eating for good.

As someone who has a very keen interest in health and nutrition I often get asked what I think such and such a diet, my answer is always the same, diets do not promote healthy lifestyle changes that will last long term.

Unlike small changes you can sustain for long periods of time, diets are very restrictive and have a short life span. Some people actually find a decent level of success on these fad diet plans, most of the initial miracle weight loss is just water weight that will come straight back as soon as you give up the diet or have a cheat day.

One of the biggest problems with this is that people not only gain back all of there lost weight but find some new pounds along with it too. Usually the person gets so fed up with there restrictive lifestyle that they give up and go on a binge fueled week, which can even be done on seemingly healthy foods.


stop binge eating

There are many questions regarding this subject i’m sure you want answers too.

Many Questions

If your reading this then chances are that you have experienced this binge eating first hand and have many questions:

‘Is binging ever ok?’

‘Is it better to eat well Monday to Friday and then eat anything I want on a weekend?’

‘Will I ever strike a good balance between a healthy lifestyle and eating the foods I want?’

‘What is ‘Intuitive eating’ and how do i do it?’

Instead of defining what is or isn’t ‘normal’ let us focus on how to stop binging altogether.


So What Is Binge Eating?

Basically it is an uncontrolled ingestion of a large quantity of food within a short space of time, often not feeling in control.

We have all done it, especially around a special event or occasion, so when does the occasional indulgence delve into binge eating?

It’s not always easy to identify but if your days are mostly filled with overeating and guilt and if the thoughts of good or bad food are constantly on your mind then maybe it is time to take a step back and take stock of the situation.

Paleo Diet

Don’t let a bad lunch trip your diet up.

Holding Off Binges Successfully

It’s usually the same sort of mistakes that people make time and again, there good all week long, avoiding temptations, treats and sweets, then they decide to treat themselves on a weekend with a just a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream, which soon turns into an entire tub.

Instead of having the whole thing in one go, why not have small servings throughout the week, that way your body can digest it much more easily and you will not be binging.

There are of a course a few little tricks you can implement yourself quite easily by following this simple guide below:

stop binge eating

Stop the binge eating now.

Stopping Binge Eating


  1. Never ever eat from the box or carton, get whatever portion size is required and put the rest away.
  2. For all sweets, treats etc. use a small bowl and small utensils, using smaller forks and bowls will make your food last longer and slow down your eating.
  3. Set a timer for 15-20 mins and try to make your meal times last longer, take small bites, having a break in between bites to have a conversation, chew slower etc. this will give your body chance to make you feel full as it takes approx. 15 mins for your stomach to tell your brain it has had enough.
  4. Learn the difference between hunger and cravings, you usually crave one specific thing like brownies or cake etc. if you are truly hungry you will near on anything like raw carrots, broccoli etc. Listen to your body and learn the difference between being hungry and cravings.
  5. Thirst is often confused with hunger, next time you are raiding the fridge for something to eat, try a glass of water and see the difference.
  6. When you experience any craving, do something else, a walk, read a book etc. to occupy your mind.
  7. Sometimes people use food to help relieve stress. Quite easily going through a bad of cookies or a pint of ice cream to satisfy your stress levels. Always stay aware of what is going on and focus on what you are eating etc. use another coping mechanism to deal with stress like a jog.
  8. Never skip meals, this can cause you to eat more at the next meal, eating two big meals a day can mess up your blood sugar levels and metabolism, making weight loss a struggle.
  9. Be constantly aware of what you are eating and how much, by eating mindfully you will feel more satisfied, enjoy food more and not overeat.
  10. Know how to respond to bad foods, if you usually have to finish a whole packet just because it is there, then it might be best to remove it from your house for a while.

Don’t deprive yourself, the odd treat is good for you, just don’t go crazy with it, enjoy little pleasures during the week.

Stop Binge Eating

Get back from the edge of diet failure.

Back From The Edge

Let’s set the scenario, you’ve had a rough week and binged quite a lot and not sure what to do, here is a little list to help you out:

  • Don’t put yourself down, we can’t change the past.
  • Move forward from this and make your next meal healthy.
  • Don’t restrict your diet over the coming days to punish yourself for being bad.
  • Focus on making better food choices every day, focusing on lean protein, veg, fruits and nuts, don’t forget plenty of water too.
  • Don’t use the gym as punishment after a binge session, get out of the ‘work off the calories you have eaten mindset’.

The goal here is to have balance, a good healthy lifestyle is not defined by one good meal, it is your choices over a long period of time that determine how good that balance will be.

Hopefully now you will be able to formulate a decent plan to help stop future binge eating, please feel free to comment below with comments about this or similar subjects.

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