How To Stop Holiday Weight Gain

This time of year can be so tempting to just slip up with your diet.

As a single treat filled day, Halloween seems harmless enough but it is all too easy to then slip into a daze and think screw it, let’s just carry on eating through Christmas only to see weight gain come January which you will always want to stop.

This is no mystery as large amount of treats like candy etc. lead to an extended positive caloric balance making it very hard to maintain a hard-physique or find some initial results that give you motivation to keep training, an average American gains 2-4 pounds every year and upto 75% of this is from the holiday season, this is especially true in the overweight and obese population.

Going cold turkey of course is not the answer, here’s how to enjoy all those cakes and candies without feeling guilty later on.

Don’t Stop Sweets Altogether

The key word here is restrict, if like me you have an annoying sweet tooth for candy etc. then denying yourself all the time is going to be a real problem.

Research shows that restrictive behaviors change the chemicals within your brain which promotes an increased craving and appetite especially if you are already in a caloric deficit.

Once your food of choice become abundantly available you are more likely to give into the internal urge which can create a point of no return, have your favorite treat in moderation, have it in small amounts once or twice per week, this should be enough to scratch the itch.

You can still have a treat every now and then, just don’t slip-up.

Allow Yourself To Participate In Holiday Baking And Treat Making

Many of us have a special dessert that is part of the season such as a cookie recipe or a pie, these items are supposed to be indulgences so just enjoy them for what they are.

But don’t forget the high-protein, low-fat dessert options that work as delicious alternatives to the popular high-fat, high-sugar offerings all year round. A healthier alternative such as banana ice cream, snickerdoodle protein cupcakes or chocolate covered protein pretzels can really help satisfy your craving.

Don’t Set Yourself Up To Have Loads Of Leftover Bags

Buying up candy in bulk to binge out on Halloween doesn’t make you the candy villain, how you lead your life the rest of the year is what matters more, how long do the left-overs stay sat around after Halloween?

Too often, cheap candy deal run rampant in October leaving you with multiple treats for weeks after, a few pieces a day adds up quickly, setting you up in a positive caloric balance.

The answer is to be prudent in your purchases, don’t buy double what you’ll use and if you do end up with loads of leftover candy, just take it to work.

It is easy to go-backwards but you can stop damage over Chrsitmas.

Be sure to exercise self-control just as you would with little kids. The number of individuals with pre-diabetes or type 2 is rising exponentially and the risk is higher in those overweight, if you are already in this category you may have to forgo the sweets altogether.

Keep Training Hard This Holiday Season For The Right Reasons

There is a ‘don’t’ to follow here and that is to not get sucked into the two-headed numbers game of:

  • I ate this much so I must work out this much.
  • I worked out this much so I can everything all the time.

You can still get results over winter and enjoy the occasional treat.

Despite putting in all the hard work training, it still doesn’t warrant a buffet for every meal, research has shown that weight gain during the holiday season is not influenced by total daily energy expenditure, the numbers just don’t work out as much as you would like, you’re only tricking yourself if you use exercise as an excuse to go mad on the treats.

Staying fit and healthy can be a complicated dance this time of year, especially with plenty of gluttony around you, keep it simple, your head clear and you will still see the results you wish to achieve and stop any holiday weight gain dead.

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