How To Tighten Your Loose Skin After Losing Weight

You may have lost a lot of weight recently from a new exercise regime or diet plan but have lots of loose skin still hanging around, you probably want to tighten all this back up, this loose skin can be an embarrassing problem if you have lost weight rapidly recently.

Today we are going to look at why skin becomes loose, how to tighten it back up after weight loss. We will also take a look at some of the creams you can get to help, medical procedures, nutrition and exercise tactics that will successfully tighten the skin back up.

Why Skin Becomes Loose After Weight Loss

tighten loose skin

There are a few reasons listed below as to why the skin becomes loose.

Skin has a lot to deal with, it has to stretch as we move and grow and when we lose weight it then has to shrink again. Skin is a very elastic living organ, skin is not just one big piece of rubber covering the body but an actual living organ, like all organs in your body it contains lots of cells.

Many different kinds of cells are contained within the many layers of your skin, the skin cells in the outer part (epidermis) of your skin are constantly being lost and new cells created in there place. The cells underneath this layer are more permanent, these are known as the dermis and subdermis. These have elastic connective tissues, fibers, blood vessels and many other components that can stretch or contract depending on what you are doing with your body.

What Happens To Your Skin When Losing Weight?

When you loose weight especially when done quickly the elastic components of your skin lose the layers of fat that keep it stretched over your body, however they do not have time to adapt to the new elasticity of the skin.

Also age, poor nutrition, excessive sun exposure, dehydration and smoking can affect skin elasticity and even give an elephant like appearance.

How To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Tighten Loose Skin

Tightening and firming the skin back up is not impossible, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

When you start losing weight and the loose skin begins to become apparent do not panic, as your skin is a living organ it will gradually change to fit your new shape, the problem is that this is a slow process that can take upto two years, here are a few ways to speed things up:

1) Don’t Lose The Weight Too Quickly

Crash diets and extreme workout plans can shed the pounds and blubber quickly as well as muscle, this can take a massive toll on the skin, the underlying muscle that supports the skin disappears and the fat that was there stretching the skin out also goes.

A good idea is to make progress but do it slowly, aim for 1-2 pounds per week, include weight training in your workout program so that your do not lose lean muscle as well.

2) Keep Hydrated

Tighten loose skin

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids so that your body doesn’t become bloated.

Attend to your fluid requirements, water is essential to maintain skin elasticity. in your diet you should get around two liters of water every day.

3) Eat Right

Tightern Loose Skin

Having a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables will really help your health going forward as well as your waistline.

Two key elements that maintain the skin’s elasticity are collagen and elastin. Protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese, milk, legumes, tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and fish all have collagen and elastin forming components in them as well as healthy oils for nice skin tone.

For optimum protein absorption, squeeze in 100-220 calories of these types of protein sources straight after a workout.

4) Look After Your Skin

Daily ex foliation can remove dead skin cells as well as increase skin circulation, a hot bath with sea salts and minerals can improve skin tone. Skin tightening creams containing herbal formulas and ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, yeast extract, Vitamins A, E and C can all help hydrate and increast collagen and elastin production and formation within the skin.

Try to stay away from harsh detergents in soaps, shampoos and dishwashing liquid that contain sulfates. Limit sun exposure and also stay away from barming booths, also limit exposure to hot and chlorinated water, these all reduce skin elasticity.

A quick tip is if swimming for fitness then use soaps and shampoos that are designed to remove chlorine.

tighten loose skin

Let’s get that flab sorted, sometimes surgery is the only option but should be your last resort.

When It’s Time For Surgery

Skin can only go so far before it looses a lot of it’s ability to return back. if you’ve been pregnant then you can still tighten your skin, however if you have carried well over a hundred pounds excess for years then it may be time for surgery to lift and tuck the excess skin. This should be used as a last resort ad some patients gain even more weight back whilst in recovery.

Closing Statement

Skin elasticity will decrease with age though you can deal with certain things like not losing the weight too quickly, staying hydrated, eating right and caring for your skin. Don’t stress over your age you cannot change it, focus on something you can change like your diet and exercise regime.

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All these tips can be used to help tighten loose skin or stop it in the first place from occurring, please feel free to comment below.

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