Is The Secret To Weight Loss In Your Bacteria?

weight loss Not an immediate thing, but your body will gradually go back to a normal in time.

Researchers in China are now starting to look at the effect gut bacteria has on weight loss, it is now believed that changing the type of bacteria found in your gut may actually work better than just cutting the calories.

Can it all be so simple though?

Experts have said not to cut the health foods and exercise just yet however, WHO (World Health Organization) stats show that in 2008 1.4 billion adults worldwide were overweight aged 20 plus.

200 million men and 300 million women of these were actually obese.

The numbers are still increasing and have doubled since 1980.

Lab tests have now been stated on mice that has shown a direct link between bacteria and obesity, trials are only just beginning on people, in Shanghai a clinical trial was done on 93 obese people with an average bmi of 32, they fed the volunteers special supplements that promoted the growth of certain types of bacteria and reduced levels of others in the gut along with a balanced diet.

At intervals of 30 days, 9 weeks and 23 weeks the participants filled in a questionnaire of what had been eaten the last 24 hours as well as being physically examined after an overnight fast, they were then weighed and measured.

One morbidly obese patient who was studied before the trial lost 51kg in about 6 months or roughly 14 pounds every 3 weeks.

People on average in the trial lost 5kg over nine weeks and the 45% who carried on for 23 weeks lost about 6kg on average, the average BMI fell to 29.3.


It was also found that levels of the C-Reactive protein linked to clogged arteries and damaged blood vessels in the heart were also reduced, it was stated however that the study does not infer that the described effects are due to the manipulation of gut bacteria.

weight loss

Does a change in gut bacteria cause a change in cravings?

Any Cravings?

Higher levels of toxin-producing bacteria found in the guy such as enterobacteria could lead to insulin resistance which means that you would not feel full after eating one bowl of rice, instead needing maybe 5, 10 or even 20 bowls to feel full.

Their bodies did not tell them that they were satisfied, changing the bacteria could make the body switch on a gene that burns fat.

Even if a person consumes a calorie controlled diet there ability to lose weight could be impaired if there gut still contains high levels of this bacteria which can deactivate the fat burning gene.

It is important the general public sees the scientific evidence that suggests that gut-bacteria can cause obesity.

Can gut bacteria even create a change in behavior?

Can gut bacteria even create a change in behavior?

Bacteria Changes Behavior?

There are however doubts about what drives the effects, when looking into the complex world of the bugs inside us and the way in which this bacteria reacts with our bodies there obvious concerns about adopting definitive rules, the study showed that they could link the bacteria in a diet to definite weight loss or if it was just a contributing factor.

There are ten times more bacteria in the body than cells, there is no question that changing the bacteria in a person’s body can dramatic effects on there weight, dysentery for example causes a lot of weight loss as it introduces new bacteria into the gut.

Eating less will definitely help you to lose excess weight.

Eating less will definitely help you to lose excess weight.

Eat Less

It is very hard to determine what makes people lose weight when they are put on diets as just changing what is eaten tends to make people lose weight as they changing what there normal routine is.

People in different countries have different bacteria in there system than others so it is difficult to compare, the advice is simple really, eat less and do more exercise, eating less will always help people to lose weight.

Overall obesity is about eating more calories than we use, many things impact our gut bacteria mainly what we eat.

So there is no concrete evidence into whether bacteria is the sole cause of weight loss but a good diet and plenty of exercise definitely do the trick.

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