Keep Your Gym Motivation This Fall

Being motivated is hard at the best of times, more so in winter.

If you like many others suffer from seasonal motivation disorder with symptoms such as a lack of progress in the gym, gazing sadly over old beach pics and after workout shots then you need some more gym motivation this fall.

If you explained any of this to your doctor then you would probably get laughed at, below is how you can change things up to keep your motivation high and gym failures extremely low.

1) Check-In With Yourself

Before changing anything with your workout and self, do a quick check-in of things that have and haven’t worked for you so far this year. Keeping motivation up in the cold months usually comes from lessons learned in previous warm months, it is a great time to learn what works for you.

2) New Season And New Goal

Cutting for summer is now a bit of a cliché but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. When it is hot outside, appetite is relatively low, sweating is normal and activity is everything. High-rep, high-volume and lower weight training feels right.

What should fall training be then? Perhaps the reps may go down and you focus on strength training for a bit, now summer is over, you can venture from physical appearance and focus more on either performance or lifestyle.

You can work towards learning a new fitness skill during this time, maybe an ambitious target like a one-arm push-up or a full hanging leg raise. When winter sets in you can start to push bigger weights around and add muscle whilst it is cold outside or have more time to master the skills you have learned to show off next year.

It can be all too easy to slip back if you lose motivation.

3) Changing Your Approach To Progress Pictures

If like many people you take around two progress pictures a year you will usually have one before dejected picture and another triumphant 12-week later after picture if you make it there.

This can really help your motivation but is it realistic? A year is a lot longer than 12 weeks so why not take photos more often?

I take weekly progress pictures to help myself keep track and helps avoid those oh my god what have become moments and with the winter months approaching fast and all those delicious recipes around it is easy to put on extra weight without noticing.

If you take this information seriously and train for some new goals in the fall you will start to see some small changes in your physique, you might even notice a little more size here and there or more definition in places. Keep it all in perspective and learn what you can along the way, also don’t make panicked decisions.

Workouts outside are a refreshing change from the sweaty gym.

4) Take The Workouts Outside

Perform a couple of workouts each week away outside of the sweaty gym, fall is the perfect time of the year. There is definitely something about the cool, fresh air that energizes you, plus a change in environment is all you really need.

Conditioning workouts are great for outside as they require minimal equipment. You don’t even have to go far. The park is sufficient as equipment is minimal, a kettlebell and jump rope are all that is needed to get a good workout.

Here are two quick and easy routines that can be done anywhere:

Jump, Swing, Jump

1) Jump rope – 5-10 minutes mixing single and double leg hops.

Superset 2) Jump rope – 10-15 sets of 30 seconds, Kettlebell swing- 10-15 sets of 30 seconds.

Swing Sandwich

1) Jump rope – 5-10 minutes mixing single and double leg hops.

2) Kettlebell Swing – 10 reps on the minute for 10-15 minutes.

3) Jump rope – 5-10 minutes mixing single and double leg hops.

You can learn a lot during the winter months when you change your workout plan.

5) Going Back To Class

The more exact your goals, the more isolated and personalised your workouts will become, it can be just what you need to get maximum results, everybody needs somebody sometimes.

Trying a new workout style is always exciting but at the same time it is going to be hard starting something new, having a workout partner keeps things fun but keeps you both accountable too.

Following these gym workout tips will help keep you motivated this autumn, for a program that helps you lose excess fast quickly click here.


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