Kettlebell Workouts For Fat Loss

Kettlebell workout for beginners

Be under no illusion, kettlebell training is a hardcore exercise, kettlebell workouts used for fat loss can be fantastic aid in your weight loss journey and if you were to throw the concept of circuit training into the mix, you are destined for elite levels of toning, strength and power.

For many people who are tired of the constant free weights, running on a treadmill and waiting for what seems like forever for that weight machine, a guide below for using kettlebell workouts for fat loss has been designed that will take you no more than 20-30 mins at a time to complete, you just need a kettlebell and a reasonable place to exercise for half an hour.

The workout

Set a timer for between 20-30 minutes depending how long you think it will take you and perform as many of the below repetitions as you can, I have also included a reps guide depending on your level of fitness to this exercise,

The workout is as follows,

Advanced Athletes
10 reps Kettlebell Deadlifts
10 reps Push-ups
10 reps Kettlebell High Pulls
10 reps Push-ups
10 reps Two-handed Kettlebell Swings
10 reps Push-ups
10 reps Goblet Squats
10 reps Push-ups
Intermediate Athletes
6-10 reps Kettlebell Deadlifts
6-10 reps Kettlebell High Pulls
6-10 reps Two-handed Kettlebell Swings
6-10 reps Goblet Squats
Beginner Athlete Complex
5 reps Kettlebell Deadlifts
5 reps Push-ups
5 reps Kettlebell High Pulls
5 reps Push-ups
5 reps Two-handed Kettlebell Swings
5 reps Push-ups
5 reps Goblet Squats
5 reps Push-ups

Exercises Guide

Kettle-bell Dead lift

For the starting position you will have the bell between your feet in an athletic stance. Keep your spine neutral, straight and eyes focused slightly down as you fold at the hips and grab the handles of the bell. Your heels should be positioned flat on the ground and shoulder blades pulled back. Be sure not to allow your shoulders to roll forward at any point. Stand up with the kettle-bell until the knees are locked out and your glutes are tight. To lower the bell with good technique, you need to start the movement downward with the hips and maintain the arch in your lower back. Throughout the entire movement, keep your head and neck straight and don’t twist.

 Traditional Push-Up

Place your arms shoulder width apart, keep your back straight and your feet together, go up and down, ideally with your nose touching the floor as a marker for how low you should be going, for women, go into a kneeling position and follow the rest of the technique with your arms shoulder width apart.

Kettle-Bell High Pulls

Get the kettle-bell in front of you, Using a powerful explosive action, Pull the bell up the side of your body whilst leading with your elbow. You can use a dead start or swing technique, once you have reached the top of the exercise which is just below the chin. slowly lower the bell back down again. Never pause or hold the bell at the top position!, your movement during the exercise should be fluid, allowing your hips to support the full motion. If the bell flops or sways about, it means to much upper body strength is being used.

Two-Handed Kettle-Bell Swing

Again, place the kettle-bell in front of you, pull the bell back like a football between your legs whilst maintaining your lower back arch and hinging at the hips. This exercise places a lot of emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings as it is more like a hip hike as opposed to a squat.

When swinging the bell, it should come fairly close to your crotch and not come close to the ground in anyway, when you are coming out of the deep hike it will be followed by an explosive hip snap with your knees locking out at the top of the movement. Ensure that you keep the neck of the kettle-bell in a neutral position when swinging and keep your heels glued to the floor.

During the exercise, keep your shoulders squared and arms relaxed, let your hips do the work, at the highest point of the swing should see the bell at hip or chest height, no higher. Keep control of the swing on the descent.

Kettle-Bell Goblet Squat

Starting at a dead lift position with the bell in front of you, in-between your feet, holding the bell at the sides of the handles or underneath the ball, pull the bell up to the height of your chin.

Squeeze your elbows inwards, sit back on your heels and squat down to a range of movement that allows your spine to sit flat or neutral, ideally this range should be 90 degrees, when coming out of the squat get your weight back on your heels as well as tightening your glutes and quads at the top.

I hope this post has been helpful in showing you some of the workouts involved with a kettle-bell that will help drop some serious weight and have some good fat loss in the process.



4 Comments on Kettlebell Workouts For Fat Loss

  1. Great guide man, wondered what use kettlebell’s could actually be in my workout, very helpful,

    Any other free weight exercises you could recommend?


    • Hi Louis,

      Thanks for checking out my site,

      Please feel free to check out some of the other content here, there are now quite a few guides on here covering bodyweight workouts and workouts with free weights.


  2. Great topic.
    I must spend some time learning more or working out more.
    Thank you for great info I used to be in search of this
    info for my mission.

    • Thank you Callum,

      I feel kettlebell workouts are never utilised as much as they should be.

      They are a fantastic alternative to just pushing barbells or dumbbells around the gym all day long.


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