Paul Walker Outdoor Training Routine

Paul Walker Workout

Getting this physique without a trainer or gym is not impossible.

We were all saddened by Paul Walker’s death, I especially found it upsetting that such a great star has been taken from us, I not only liked his movies, I especially liked his workout routine, namely that he didn’t have one!

Well I hear you say, ‘how did he maintain his physique’, quite simple really, through regular outdoor exercise and sport, his motto was always ‘You have to do a sport everyday’.

Things like kayaking, surfing, skating whatever you enjoy get out there and do it!, it just shows as Paul hadn’t been to a gym in a long time and did not have a personal trainer or nutritionist to hand to help him.

So here is a short guide to some of the excellent activities that Paul regularly took part in:

Paul Walker Workout Routine

A great exercise that is great for your health and fun too.


Doing this exercise will workout your shoulders, back, arms, abs and lower back, although it looks like all the power comes from your arms, it actually comes from your torso.

Ben Seiznick, star of the movie ‘Nurpu, extreme kayaking’. had this to say, ‘Paddling works both sides of your body as a resistance exercise, strengthening the core and giving you better posture and stronger abs’.

Try a local lake to to get started with a reasonably weak current, stay close to the side and practice strokes and turns etc. there really is no need to go down a white water rafting terror ride, you can even take your other half along for the fun in a two seater kayak.

If you have no experience whatsoever it is a good idea to get the basics initially to get you started, findĀ  a local training lake/center and get the basics down before venturing out.

paul walker workout routine

Think of the fantastic sights you can take in with this fantastic exercise.

Scuba Diving

This will work out your quads, chest, abs, hamstrings and calves.

Whilst you won’t really break a sweat diving you will burn off calories, your upper body especially will get a workout hauling the gear out of the water and your lower body will see a lot of action finning against currents.

Another aspect of scuba diving you may not have thought of is the Zen aspect, it has an almost calming nature to it with no phones or emails to check down there, plus you may see some cool stuff too depending where you are.

This is definitely something you will need training for as well as decent equipment as you will need to be totally confident in the water and be a good swimmer before commencing this.

It is a good idea to practice swimming if you are not an especially good swimmer initially just to get your fitness, skill and stamina up, then look to one of the many dive centers near you where you can specialist instruction and hire the gear required.

paul walker workout routine

Great fun in it’s own right! fantastic workout and lots to see.

Mountain Biking

This will workout your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and calves.

One of the great things about mountain biking is it is three things in one, a great fitness sport, great for exploration and a great technical skills sport too.

As well as being great for cardio, mountain biking helps improve your reaction times, coordination and balance.

Whilst I’m sure you already know how to ride a bike it is always a good idea to get some kind of formal training from a professional center initially just to get you up to scratch, even if it is just to brush up and gain your confidence, they will also take you on great bike rides with great scenery.

Obviously you will need a bike for this, you don’t have to spend a fortune for this but buy something good within your budget suitable for off road use, also get a helmet, you would be surprised how much damage a 20 mph impact on a rock can cause to your head, get some suitable clothing and locks etc. plus a bag and water bottle.


This will workout your quads, calves, abs, back, shoulders and arms.

When starting out, surfing is a total cardio and upper body workout as you will initially paddling through many waves, this is a sport that will make you very fit and once you have learnt to ride the waves will be a great core, leg and balance workout too.

Obviously you need to find one of the popular surfing locations reasonably close to you, get some lessons where you will be taken away from the busy tourists and what not and you will soon get the hang of it.

paulw alker workout routine

Great exercise sport for the more daring amoungst you, fanttastic possibilities with this.


This exercise will do your abs, ankles, calves, quads and hamstrings.

Looking at this sport from the outside it doesn’t seem like much of a workout, you get a chair or lift to the top of the slope and then slide back down again.

This is simply not the case, you will be using your legs and hips to help make the turns and your abs to help you get back up when you wipe out.

If you don’t want to shell out for an expensive ski holiday, then try it at your local ski center that has a real snow slope initially and take some lessons to help get your balance, soon you should be confident enough to head out onto the slopes for real.

Whilst some of these above don’t seem much like exercise they will work you out harder than you realize and like the late Paul Walker has said in the past, do an outdoor sport everyday to get your adrenaline flowing and you don’t necessarily need a workout routine itself, so think about the above if you feel your gym workout is not taking you the places you once thought it could.



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